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Fri, 16 Aug 02, 10:39 AM
i've noticed a few posts recently have mentioned sitting on the toilet and peeing through your knickers...i've always found that a HUGE turn on, especially if - and this might not be very easy to explain - i kind of squat on the toilet seat (like, with your feet apart, standing on the seat...does that make sense?). i think it's the fact that you can get the feeling of peeing where you shouldn't, and getting that lovely warm wet feeling on your pussy, without making too much mess! (i love wetting myself just about anywhere, but sometimes the thought of having to clean up afterwards kind of puts me off!). it's also, for me anyway - and this is where the squatting bit is handy - partly the fact that you can watch yourself soaking your knickers, especially if they're a good colour, so you can just see the wet patch go from a little spot to a huge soaking wet stain. i can't decide what kind of knickers are best for it, though. i quite like pissing on the toilet through my various thongs, i guess because they feel sexy before you even start on the peeing part! but big knickers are kind of good as well, cos the piss spreads out over your bum better. i think my absolute favourite time, though, was in blue satiny knickers, quite loose fitting, so i had to kind of pull them up to get the best sensation. but the feeling of wet satiny material and the sight of light blue fabric getting soaked...that's one of the only times that i've been peeing without really touching myself but still got so close to orgasm that my flow got interrupted, if you follow me.

so girls, tell me, do you get off on pissing in your knickers on the toilet? and if so, what kind do you recommend?

and guys, are you picturing all this?! images/smiles/icon_rolleyes.gif images/smiles/icon_smile.gif


Fri, 16 Aug 02, 6:42 PM
do you have any fotos of you peeing in thongs?

because i can't ever seem to find any pics of girls peeing through thongs, especially pics of them doing it from behind

Louise Martin
Fri, 16 Aug 02, 7:14 PM
Oh, Vixen, you are a likeminded woman!! As I think I mentioned in an earlier post, I love to pee on the toilet - I used to do it all the time at school, it was the birth of my interest in wetting, but the bit you mention about what type of knickers - I prefer the bigger ones with a full bottom, as then I can enjoy the wetness all around my bum! I have more recently enjoyed just sitting on the loo in my trousers or skirt as well as knickers and just letting go, soaking myself (with some running down my legs still away from the loo, but most going in!).

The feeling is awesome and I recommend this to anyone who has not tried it!!

Fri, 16 Aug 02, 8:23 PM
Wonderful to hear rom you, and yes, it's a lovely picture of you sitting on the toilet, or squating for that matter, on the toilet. And Louise as well, weeing in all your clothes sat on the toilet.

This idea excites me a lot, and I will try and explain why. For me the thrill of knicker wetting is not in a forced, or accidental situation, where the lady may well feel embarressed, or unwilling, but in the sheer develment of elective gratuitous wetting. To this end, being able to get to the toilet, and use it properly, and yet deciding not to, is the height of a deliberate pee, and is therfore very very sexy.

Sometimes this can be heightened by the act of dressing to carry out the act, it all becomes so premediated then. My favorate garment for this sort of thing is the one piece swim suit.

A willing woman, a cozzie and a toilet. Ah heaven!

When I pee on the toilet, I love the feel of the fabric beneath my bum becomming wetter, as the pee travels from the front towards my bum. I love it.

Please keep posting, and tell us more of how and why!

Thanks for the post.

Fri, 16 Aug 02, 9:08 PM
Well, vixen, you certainly hit a nerve there! While I'm not female, I can certainly vouch that peeing in knickers, or in my case underpants, is great, even for a guy. I usually do this at least once a day, and often many times, depending on my fluid intake. Once I get home from work, I will do this *all* the time, rather than miss the opportunity even once!

I will sometimes sit on the toilet seat and do it, which I think is kinda sexy, and somehow more "female", so it's also very kinky, and this is the way I have usually done it in the past, but just lately, I've been doing it standing over the toilet bowl with the seat raised. This way, I can angle my hips so that it runs backward and pools inside my underpants at the back, warming my butt as well. This is harder to do for a man, as the lowest point is usually below the scrotum, and so that's where the urine usually accumulates and falls, where for a woman, it naturally flows backwards because the lowest point is usually the butt.

I have often wished I could meet a woman who loves doing this, too. The fact is that in a skirt, you gals can pretty much do this anytime, even at work, as long as you don't sit on the back of your skirt, and have a towel to sit on. Guys like me have to wait until they get home to enjoy themselves, or if they do succumb to temptation at work (as I have done in the past more than a few times) they have to keep their wetting as clean and neat as possible. Not really all that much fun, is it?! images/smiles/icon_sad.gif

But wherever, whenever, and whichever way I do it, I can tell you that I just love it.


Fri, 16 Aug 02, 9:47 PM
about the swimsuits:

i can't speak for all women, but when i was at school, me and my friends certainly never used to bother taking off our swimsuits if we needed to pee at the swimming pool. i mean, you have to go to the toilet rather than just peeing in the pool, but there's hardly any point in taking off an already wet swimsuit once you're there, is there? the pee feels much much hotter as well because you're cold from the water in the pool, see what i mean? i reckon loads of women must do that, because unpeeling a wet cozzie is a right pain in the arse! so next time you're at the pool and you see a woman come out of the toilet...she might have been peeing through her costume... images/smiles/icon_smile.gif

Fri, 16 Aug 02, 10:38 PM
That's a lovely thought Vixen. images/smiles/icon_smile.gif

Sat, 17 Aug 02, 2:53 AM
Of course I'm picturing all of that... LOL

And quite fondly... images/smiles/icon_smile.gif

A guy has more trouble than a girl does peeing in underwear on the toilet without making a mess anyway...but it would be quite the thrill to find a woman who liked doing this...(and my ultimate fantasy is to find a woman that did this all the time...as in...never pulled her panties down before sitting on the toilet to peeing, and hence always having wet knicks on under her clothes... images/smiles/icon_smile.gif )

Sat, 17 Aug 02, 3:59 AM
This is one of my things too. I began to wet myself on the loo when I was a schoolgirl and it is also my experience that it was easier (and fun!) to wee through swimming cozzies.
I never wear strings, prefer plain cotton knicks. Like to wear white (the exhibitionist in me says they show better when wearing minis!) but colour is better for watching the wee spread. I have pale blue and pink for that. I just love having a sneaky wee squatting down in public pretending to tie a shoe or look through my bag. Just a little squirt now and again and that lovely warm feeling. OOOh, lovely!
I remember I have not described myself, I always like to know what other posters look like too.
Like I said I am 40+, 5 ft 3ins, a bit cuddly but I think a nice shape, with medium dark red hair and green eyes.

Bye for now. C.

Sat, 17 Aug 02, 8:10 AM
Hi everyone

In answer to Vixen's question, I often pee on the toilet while my panties are on, and for the same reason - doesn't take any cleaning up. I like cotton panties best, and like Louise I prefer full ones rather than thongs because the bottom gets soaking wet.

I like the feeling I get from wetting knickers. A thick cotton gusset keeps the pee in a little pool for a minute before it soaks it in, and I can really feel it all warm and wet, while I'm wetting some more and adding to it. Mmm.

The bath and shower are good for no-mess wettings too, and as you can stand up you can feel it all stream down the insides of your legs so you are standing in the little pool you make.


Sat, 17 Aug 02, 8:26 AM

yeah, i like peeing in the shower as well. again, i like the fact that it's not so messy. i've been known to keep my knickers on and get into the shower cubicle (without turning the shower on) and that way you can sit on the floor of the cubicle, or just stand up, and let the pee come flooding out of you. for some reason i think it makes it feel a bit more like a genuine accident. in fact i have had "sort-of" genuine accidents like that. leaving it for ages until i really don't think i'm going to last much longer, then going to the shower and trying to hold as long as possible. it's also a good way to have heavenly full-bladder orgasms...cos you don't have to worry about totally losing control when you come!

v.v images/smiles/icon_smile.gif

by the way, is my nickname a bit too "porn-star"??

Sat, 17 Aug 02, 8:54 AM
Nah vixen...porn-star would be "Lucy Lawless"..oh wait...that's a real person (and an attractie one at that...how did she come up with her stage name though...LOLOL!!)...or "(enter girl's first name here) Sprinkle" or some other variation...

vixen's just a descriptive word...and I'm sure one that suits you. images/smiles/icon_biggrin.gif

Sat, 17 Aug 02, 4:41 PM
Hi again, Vixen! The mention of peeing though swimsuits and the statement that there must be a lot of women who do this reminds me yet again of an incident I have recounted many times both here and at WetSet. I'll quickly do so again here.

I used to spend the early summer at a local pool, getting up a tan before the fierce Queensland high summer got to my skin, something that I had started to do since a really bad sunburn I had once. What I didn't realise, I think, is that quite a number of other people did this, too, going to the pool and just lying in the sun rather than going into the pool which was still quite cold fresh from spring.

The only time I got up was to go get some more fluids to drink. It was nothing for me to just lie there for ages, drinking lots of fluids, juice, Coke, whatever, making sure I didn't get dehydrated, but never going near the pool, and for that matter, never going near the toilet block either. Instead, every so often, I would just roll over and sit up on my towel, cross-legged, then let it go through my "togs" which is what we Queenslanders called swimsuits in those days (some still do). Now that I think back on this it's possible that this behaviour may not have gone unnoticed as in the years that followed, I have thought many times that the events to come that day were seemingly quite blatant on behalf of the woman concerned.

I remember seeing these two young women down against a wind wall at the end of the pool. They seemed to be quite settled there, and had been there for at least as long as I had, soaking up the sun, like me. I didn't notice much activity from them, but caught them occasionally looking around, lying there talking, and they may have noticed that I also didn't move the whole time I was there, except to sit up for a pee, which I would have thought would not have been very obvious unless, that is, you knew the signs...

I had been at the pool since late morning, and the girls even earlier. About early afternoon, I was lying there on my back, as luck would have it, facing in the direction of these two, when I noticed one get up and walk, around to the near side of the pool and towards me. She passed so close to me I could probably have touched her, if I tried. She had to pass me to go to the toilet blocks, so this was nothing particularly notable, however, liking what I saw when she passed me, I rolled over on my front and continued to read, keeping an eye out for her coming back the other way.

I didn't need to wait long when she reappeared around the corner of the building, and walked back towards me. She had not been carrying any purse or wallet, so I was not surprised to see that she was not carrying anything back with her, but it was now completely obvious that she had gone to pee, as her mid-blue bikini pants were totally soaked in the crotch! This was no slight wetting of the fabric from some remaining drips of urine, but so obviously a fully fledged wetting. The tide mark was the inverted "V" that we all know comes from a wetting where there is not any great impediment to the flow, but rather, it spreads out downwards from the upper point of the woman's crotch, to meet up with the legbands, just above where they duck under and disappear. I still remember to this day, my eyes were fixed on this woman's soaked crotch as she passed within a few feet of me going back to join her friend.

Now this woman could obviously have taken down her bikini pants to pee, even given that they would be a little damp from residual wetness if there was no toilet paper. This woman had gone into the toilets, with her bikini bone dry, and had deliberately peed her pants in there, then paraded back out in her freshly peed pants. She hadn't even bothered to try to cover it up, so it had to be both deliberate, and deliberately obvious. Now I realise it could possibly have been for my benefit, there being almost noone else at the pool at the time, but it could simply have been exhibitionism, I guess. But I will never forget the fact that this was a deliberate wetting, performed in the toilets of a public place, and then paraded for all (or me!) to see, when she could have done it beside or on her towel.

So yes, I would have to agree, looking back on this, there would have to be quite a few women who pee through their wet swimsuits rather than bother trying to take them off and then reposition them, but I don't know that there would be many who would so blatantly pee their pants like this! images/smiles/icon_smile.gif


Sat, 17 Aug 02, 11:04 PM
Hi Lloyd,

You're right, I certainly wouldn't have the bottle to blatantly pee in my pants like that! This could be completely wrong, but I've had the impression that Australian women are a bit more open about peeing (and just about everything else, actually) compared to us Brits. One of my friends has two cousins from Sydney and they came over to visit. We took them out on the town, of course, and on the way home they both said they had to pee. One of them thought nothing of going to crouch on the roadside, pulling her knickers down and peeing with great noises of relief to go with it. And it wasn't exactly an empty street either. Ok so it was dark but there were still a few people around who definitely saw. But she didn't care. And the other girl, although she didn't feel the need to pee in the street, walked the rest of the way home with her hand jammed in her crotch, completely oblivious to the odd looks that she was getting. Maybe it was just them (they weren't that drunk, may I add), but recently I did overhear an Australian woman outside the toilets at a station (where you have to pay to use them), proclaiming to her friends "Twenny pee? I'd rather pee my pants!". I don't know if she did or not, but she was doing quite a pee dance as she said it, so if she didn't choose to spend 20p, i'd imagine she must have peed herself not long after!

v.v images/smiles/icon_smile.gif

Sat, 17 Aug 02, 11:17 PM
Ohh Vixen i can just imagine you doing that your a hot girl in my thoughts images/smiles/icon_razz.gif

Sun, 18 Aug 02, 12:41 AM
I love wetting through my knickers and tights whilst sat on the loo.Cotton full panties i enjoy best.I also wet myself sat on park benches and love to see the looks on peoples faces.

Louise Martin
Sun, 18 Aug 02, 1:06 AM
I think it is great that so many of us like to do this. One of the reasons I like bedwetting sometimes is the feeling of lying in a puddle or pool of my own pee. I like the feeling of being really wet, especially around my crotch and bum, so I often do just sit (and with me, it often includes trousers and skirt, being fully dressed) on the loo and pee myself. I haven't done any park benches yet, so may give that a try when I ever get the courage up. Sounds very exciting, but what do the people say and do, Sue? Do you never feel embarrassed?

Anyway, always nice to know I am not alone.

Sun, 18 Aug 02, 8:26 PM
I agree with so many of you. Sitting on the loo with your knickers still on and peeing them is great, so is standing in the shower when you are desperate and doing allthe usual this, holding your knicks, crossing your lesga nd then peeing your pnats. Especially if there is a miror to watch yourself in. I like to wear waist high knickers , like some of you |I love feeling the warm wetness all around my bum.

Sun, 18 Aug 02, 8:31 PM
to wet sue and louise i would probably be speechless and come in my jeans while having a heart attack

Mon, 19 Aug 02, 5:14 AM

i definitely agree with you about the mirror...may i suggest getting a mirror that you can take off the wall and squatting over it while you pee your pants? images/smiles/icon_smile.gif

v.v images/smiles/icon_smile.gif

Mon, 19 Aug 02, 1:43 PM
OOOH...now that's one of my favorite mental pictures...very cool suggestion Vixen. images/smiles/icon_biggrin.gif

Mon, 19 Aug 02, 8:57 PM
To Zephyr.

Yep, me too, but what a wonderful way to go.


Mon, 19 Aug 02, 11:09 PM
Oh Yes! I love to pee on the toilet through my panties - I think the main reason I would do it here is the 'convenience' - like you said - no mess! Also sometimes I want to wet myself (sometimes I just HAVE to do it), but don't have the time to follow through, or get changed or whatever - so I go to the closest toilet (work, shops, whatever), and have a quick but enjoyable pee...

I also relate to Lloyds post - in more way than one! I live in Brisbane too... But I also just do it in my suit when I am at the pool/beach - why not? The bloody thing was designed to get wet wasn't it? I especially like not going to the loo to do it though - just sunbake and let it go! I have done this lots of times, and it never ceases to turn me on... I especially like to do it before I go into the pool - so I am wet before I start - running to the water with a wet crotch make my heart go to about 150 but I love it! images/smiles/icon_smile.gif


Tue, 20 Aug 02, 12:02 AM
And my heart is going about 150 bpm thinking about you racing for the pool in an obviously peed in swimsuit. images/smiles/icon_biggrin.gif

Tue, 20 Aug 02, 8:59 PM
Hi, Kay! So you're in Brisbane too?! Wonderful place it is, yes?

Nice to know there's another of us from Brizzy here on the board!


Thu, 22 Aug 02, 4:55 AM
Oh vixen, yes...the toilet is a wonderful place.....opps i forgot to pull my underpants down....oh well.... immmmmmmm