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Fri, 19 Sep 03, 10:56 AM
Just like to know if female tennis players actually pee their pants during a rest break, ive seen pics of anna k but is it pee or sweat.....
cant anyone tell me.

Wet Pacific Northwest
Fri, 19 Sep 03, 6:39 PM
Old story - covered in the archives numerous times.

Yes - many do. Why not? Didja ever see a tennis player leave the court to hit the ladies? They simply dribble as needed, and for going a lot, they sit on a towel and pee into that. Very common.

As far as the guys, well I don't know...

Sat, 20 Sep 03, 9:29 AM
Yes, I think tennis players (both female and male) pee themselves sometimes. I'd be very surprised if that didn't happen and I expect it's common in other sports too. The story about Anna K peeing herself is well enough known to the world and I don't think there's any real doubt as to the truth of it.

Sat, 20 Sep 03, 2:21 PM
You've got me wondering about the men now. Men's games are longer, so if the girls pee in their pants or on a towel do the guys do the same? Perhaps they slip their dicks down the leg of their shorts and piss discretely into the towel. I'm just exercising my imagination and thinking how naughty and sexy it would be. I will certainly pay a lot more attention to tennis matches during the players' breaks in future. If anyone one knows please tell.

Sat, 20 Sep 03, 7:35 PM
They have scheduled bathroom breaks, however, I am sure some women have smaller bladders than others, and cannot make it between breaks. I have heard that some wear large pads.

Anna K is having back problems, and I wonder if that has any influence on her bladder, as she has wet the most out of any tennis star I have seen.

Sun, 21 Sep 03, 3:59 PM
Another possibility, I think, is that there may have beem occasions when she's availed herself of the breaks offered because she probably didn't feel an urgent need to go and thought she could last longer than was in fact the case.

Wed, 24 Sep 03, 1:22 AM
Its seems to make sense what you say i wonder if ther are any female tennis players who visit this board, maybe they could give us the answer...i have seen a mens match interupted when pat cash made a dash for the toilets,trying to imagine some of the past legend female stars peeing in their pants. Whenever ive watched ladies tennis i never see wet patches, how come..........

Wed, 24 Sep 03, 6:10 AM
Hmmm, I'm afraid I'm skeptical.

I think Anna K. merely sweats a lot.

I have a difficult time imagining any professional athlete having the nerve to sit there on the bench, towel or no towel, and pee his or her pants in front of hundreds of fans--not to mention TV cameras and a million TV viewers--and then trot back out on the court wearing pants that weren't soaked five minutes before, but are now. It would be SCANDALOUS! images/smiles/icon_biggrin.gif The tabloids would be all over it! And probably the TV announcers, too.

Personally, I think they simply have good bladder control. Besides, back in my tennis playing days, I don't remember a single time ever needing to leave a match to go pee. I think what happens is that you either metabolize all of your body's water...or sweat it all out...before it has a chance to fill your bladder.

I know, I just rained (peed?) on everyone's parade...but that's just my opinion.

Wed, 24 Sep 03, 6:42 AM

A search brought up lots of places offering fakes of Anna K wet. I couldn't find a real story. Is there one?


Wed, 24 Sep 03, 2:22 PM
I don't know that people will have seen a lot of this behaviour in the past. It didn't used to be as acceptable in sporting circles to pee your pants for any reason, but with a heightened awareness of health issues like hydration and hyperthermia, it's become more common for people to drink larger amounts of water. I don't think that bathroom breaks have been increased in number to compensate, hence the consequences of wet pants for some. For women it's really easy - most of them wear skirts, so they can just sit on a towel and do it, but I think some of the younger and more fashionable tennis stars have found themselves with wet pants in quite revealing outfits in recent times, which is why we are now so aware of it ourselves...


Thu, 25 Sep 03, 9:23 AM
RDJay. You're quite entitled to be sceptical and there may be an element of truth in your theory. However, all things are possible and sometimes speculating about what might have happened is far more tantalising than knowing what actually happened. It may be difficult to prove conclusively whether Anna K ever had an accident whilst playing tennis but it is certainly possible that she may have done.

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Sat, 27 Sep 03, 3:28 PM
I too have heard that make cyclists let their cock go down one leg of their shorts and piss as they ride.

Linford Cristie (I'm not sure of the spelling)the runner once said in a television program that at the beginning of a race he had taken in so much water as soon as he got to the starting blocks he had an urgent need to pee. He held on hard but felt the pee escape and when he looked down he saw a wet patch on his shorts.

Sat, 27 Sep 03, 3:39 PM
I have been following this thread now for a few days with interest and now feel I have to put my own views forward on this matter having trained as a PE teacher one of my best sports was tennis however after about the age of 25 and making County standard I realised I was never going to make the top ranking players standard in the UK in the late 1970s So I decided to switch to umpiring I slowly made my way up the circuit and when I was 30 I was umpiring at some of the biggest tennis tournaments in the UK even for 3 years at Wimbledon. This meant I was around the players a lot before during and after matches and I have to say in my day do remember this was 20 years ago now I can honeslty say I never witnessed or had cause to think a player had peed as sujested on there towels or in any other form whilst on court! It has to be remembered tennis is a summer game even in are very indeferent climate in the UK both men and women players soon start sweating buckets in a hard match they drink to replace this I know from my own experience under these conditions plus the adreanlin pumping of the match the bladder does not fill up that much even say in a hard fort long mans 5 set match! I use to sweat so much by the time I had played a game like that even as I had been driking so much at the end when I came of court I could still hardly do a pee of any great stream just a very yellow dribble! So I have to be honest and say I donít think it happens or if it does very very rarely that was the case in my day. And particularly these days with the intense scrutiny of the TV cameras placed at all angles and the micro dresses that some of the top female players wear on court there is no way unless like us they get a kick out of watersports are they going to wet there knickers on court! Sure on odd occasions players both male /female ask for bathroom breaks anyone watching Martina Navratilova playing a mix doubles semi at Wimbledon this year will have seen her ask twice for a bathroom break being an older player the match was played in the cool evening and mixed doubles less intense so your not sweating so much the second time you could see Martina Navratilova did need a wee quite badly and the talk in the BBC comuntry box turned to the fact she would not be able to leave the court again after this second toilet break so they hoped she could hold on to her wee till the end of the game which she did and won as well. Sorry to disappoint you all again but the Anna K pictures I have seen are nothing more than very well done fakes nice to look at! But ask yourself this the tabloid press love reporting about Anna K had she have wet herself on court I know for sure this would have been reported in some of the British tabloid press much like the Brittany Spears pee on the beach was! So I think this whole tennis thing is just a lovely dream nothing more! Unless you know different that is?

Best wishes to all


Sat, 27 Sep 03, 8:47 PM
well its to bad if the anna k pic's are fake .i was planing on tapeing the 04 matchs just to see if i could see anything.
as to the bike riders i can beleave they do go in there shorts.if i was in the front pak i would not stop for anything. if i had to pee i would and not think about it. with all the water cups you can get it would be easy to just dump it on one's shorts.

Warm Lemonade
Sun, 28 Sep 03, 2:20 AM
<blockquote><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif">quote
Do Female Tennis players pee themselves

I suppose the peeing in a towel thing is possible, but I really dont think Anna K. just lets go full force in her tennis shorts causing them to be drenched with her hot pee. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm images/smiles/icon_biggrin.gif But, I tend to think it's sweat.

Let's hope I'm wrong. images/smiles/icon_razz.gif

I think the most realistic female athlete peeing rumor I've heard is bicyclists, since it makes sense to me that there's no chance a serious competitor would lose the 2 or 3 minutes needed to find a secluded spot and pee. The rumor is that all competition cyclists routinely pee in their shorts.

Anna K should take up cycling. images/smiles/icon_biggrin.gif

Sun, 28 Sep 03, 1:34 PM
zing007, I'm with you on this. I personally don't believe the statements made by Chas. For a start, if a woman is going to pee her pants on the court, rather than ask for bathroom breaks (which are in any case limited), she's going to do it in as secretive way possible. She's going to leak in her pants, but not totally flood on court, and she's going to let go into a towel while sitting, in order to last the rest of the game. So it is highly unlikely that anyone is going to know about it unless the tennis player herself says something about it. Since they haven't all we can do is study the candid photos and come to our own conclusions.

There are pictures of Anna K. on sites which show her at tournaments with clear wettings. We can try to convince ourselves it's sweat all we like - there is no way that sweat is going to soak pants from the front to the back, while not being accompanied by reasonable amounts of sweat elsewhere.

Also, there is an obvious photo of the back of Anna's tennis panties which shows a clear wetting which by its pattern could only have happened sitting on a towel. It may not be obvious for people who don't see many wettings, but to the trained eye, it's as obvious as a nose on a face.

Yes, cyclists pee their pants on long rides. It's one of those "dirty little secrets" of sport, as is the one about peeing your pants during a marathon. Can anyone seriously tell me that you can drink fluids constantly for 2-3 hours and *not* pee your pants sometime during that run? If, as chas states, it all evaporates, then that means that your blood is not thin enough, because if it was, the kidneys would be working overtime removing the excess water. If it doesn't then you have thick blood and for an endurance event like a long bike ride or a marathon, that would be suicide (and I do mean that literally). I have visited many websites with forums like this one where people quite happily talk about "peeing off the bike" and girls having to practice to get used to riding with pee running down their legs during triathlons.

Believe me, sport wetting is simply a fact. It's not particularly glamorous, but why would anyone try to convince us it doesn't happen when it's now common knowledge that to not have thin blood during endurance events is asking for serious trouble?

Chas, I have no real idea what your training is, but you need to open your eyes a little more.


Sun, 28 Sep 03, 3:27 PM
Hi Lloyd and every one on this thread

Well all I said was I have been around the top players during and after games and I have never seen any signs of a wetting! Lloyd have you ever seen a girl in wet white tennis knickers? My late wife was as much in to this watersports as me before I lost her to cancer two years ago and believe me white knickers go almost see through and you can sure see they are wet! Some of the top players these days after a match are whipped in to the press and TV studios straight of the court I canít see them wanting or having wet knickers I just can't see it myself have you ever played a gruelling match in the summer heat? See how much you sweat and how little you need to pee even drinking as you need to! Try it go for a run in the heat of the day! All I was saying is I have watched hundreds of games on TV and many more being there live in reality close to the players and to date I have never seen a player look as if they have done it! Sure I maybe wrong! And I have lost touch with the modern game say in the last 7 years. Now with all the press coverage of Anna K these days if these so called wettings of hers had happened even on a practice session I can name at least 3 or 4 British news papers that OK may not have shown pictures of it but would have reported it like the time she was pictured very drunk in a London cab! Etc. I rest my case it all comes down to what you want to believe in don't you think?
I don't want to name drop but I close friend of mine did some coaching work with Martina Hingis according to my friend she had legendary bladder control and capacity he told me a story about how they had to fly on a Learjet! To a tournament some of these small jets have what is known as a toilet seat! I will maybe post what happened on this flight. What Iím getting at here is these are all very fit young athletes who get to the top in tennis these days! You never see the like of Paula Radcliff wet those running style bikini briefs she wears on a marathon and look how they drink as they run!!! Look how it was reported in all the British and no doubt world press when while running a marathon last year how she felt the need for a crap come on real badly and nearly had to stop! But held it back to go on and win in a record time! I wish I had some wet tennis stories to post on the board but if I did they would be pure fiction! We maybe will not know until we get one of the top players posting here about if they do or donít pee in there knickers on court but I know which side of the net I stand! And sure cycling is something I know nothing about so I have no doubts you are right here and women and men do pee as they cycle I can't comment on something I don't know about unlike tennis!

Best wishes to every one.


Sun, 28 Sep 03, 4:40 PM
Oh, dear Chas are you out of touch!! The very same instances you claim are not wettings are the ones I say are. I don't think it comes down to belief at all. While it's true that some tennis players don't or don't have to pee their pants on court, it's equally true that some do. The pics of Anna with wet pants are not worth making a fuss over because they could be believably passed off as sweat. If it wasn't for the fact that Anna was complaining about needing a toilet break, having used them all up, you wouldn't necessarily believe that the wetness was anything but sweat. Hell, you could even convince yourself of that in any case, as long as she didn't openly relieve herself on the court.

As for the white panties going transparent, that's exactly what the photos show, so that serves to prove that's exactly what she does, I would think.

Answer to your comment about Paula Radcliffe: of course she pees her pants, they *all* do. Most of them cover up the peeing by drenching the front of their briefs with water at the drink stations. The ones that don't are obvious because you can practically figure out exactly when they started peeing from the suddenly increasing wetness of their pants as you watch them. You are obviously not speaking with any authority when you say they don't as I know they do. And there have been runners (just a few) who have posted on this board, and they have told a few stories of this, as well, so it's not just my word about it. It was even a runner that posted on WetSet, I think, who used the term "dirty little secret" about runners peeing their running briefs.

The tennis players who play a long game of tennis in the heat and *don't* pee, do so at their peril, and usually have to be rehydrated quite radically afterwards as was the case just recently with Justine Henin-Hardene. She didn't drink enough, and no she didn't pee, but she had to be rehydrated with a drip afterwards.

Why are you trying to prove they don't pee their pants? It seems strange for someone to come to this board, which specialises in pants peeing, and try to disprove something that is generally accepted here as common knowledge. You only have a theory, by definition. You know of no cases personally, where the person has peed their pants, so you say they all don't. But a single negative case disproves a theory. In the whole world of running, for instance, you want to tell me there are no top runners that pee their pants? There are any number of runners who have been *visibly wet* during their race, and these were people who didn't like drenching their clothes for one reason or another but drank lots to keep their blood thin. Read *any* current running, fitness, cycling, triathlon or other endurance sport publication and you will find something about hydration, the need to keep your blood thin, the need to pee constantly that this causes, and the need to replace electrolytes which are peed out this way during the race. You might read a lot more about other stuff while you're at it.

I'm sorry you seem to be determined to believe and have everyone else here believe that sport wetting doesn't occur. I don't think you have a snowball's chance in Hades of convincing us, and you certainly aren't going to convince me, because I know better. But by all means, if after this discussion, and any solid research you want to conduct as a result, you can still believe it, you are welcome to it. I'm sorry about your wife, and I hope that this doesn't touch any raw nerves, but sport wetting is certainly relevant to this board, and I can't see any reason to try to kid it doesn't exist.


P.S. The world isn't flat either. images/smiles/icon_smile.gif

Sun, 28 Sep 03, 7:06 PM
Hi Lloyd and every one else.

As I say you must believe what you want to in life I'm not trying to prove anything and do read my posts as I very clearly state and say I don't know about other sports wettings! However I do know a hell of a lot about tennis and the players and this was my view having spent 30 years playing coaching and even more years watching tennis. I think I'm allowed a view as look at the title of the thread here! Do female tennis players pee themselves? I'm sure you are right about other sports as I said I know nothing about cycling or Triathlon I have to say mind I have seen Paula Radcliff at the end of her races a few times being there in person and there is no sign of wetness at all but who knows! so I'm sure you are right You also ask why I come here to dispel wettings well it makes great talking points doesnít it? And when all these years in tennis I have never seen one or anything remotely like one what do you want me to say! This was my viewpoint on the title of this thread! And on tennis I stick with it! but just to say it goes on in other sports this is taken from the press a few weeks ago! The very good looking Ex British swimmer said this a few weeks ago! Sharron's pool confession

Davies has her own means of keeping the pool warm

Former Olympic swimmer Sharron Davies has finally relieved herself of a deep, dark secret.
Davies admitted this week that she used to put her rivals off by peeing in the pool.
The 39-year-old said she used to do it when she was competing against swimmers she did not like.
"I used to regularly have a crafty wee in the pool," she said in a magazine interview.
"It's a great trick if you've got someone behind you who you particularly dislike."
Davies became the darling of British swimming in 1980 when she won Olympic silver in the 400 metres individual medley.
She went on to claim two more silver medals for Britain, but her wee confession is sure to shock fans.

Best wishes Chas.

Sun, 28 Sep 03, 8:41 PM
Let us not forget "metabolism". Most of what you drink gets burned up by the processes of the body; only the excess makes it to the bladder. In an athletic event, this "burning up" is increased many times over...which is why the athlete can drink and drink and drink and still not need to pee. All that Gatoraid is going into the cells of the body, not into the bladder.

So, I agree with Chas that athletes peeing while in the heat of the action is most unusual.

Sun, 28 Sep 03, 8:52 PM
Sorry, you've both missed the point. It's quite simple. Dilute blood, excess water, large urine volume. Water burned up, blood thick, bad circulation, dehydration and hyperthermia. It's that simple. You have to drink more than you burn up, or you will die a very nasty death.


Sun, 28 Sep 03, 11:39 PM
i am no dr. or read any sport magaz. so i don't know any thing on the thin blood thing. as to tennis i have seen that some wear black shorts . and u can't always tell if there wet or not. but it would help on this if a player would come on here and say something. and girls do tell things to each other that no one knows about.
i think?

Mon, 29 Sep 03, 8:48 AM
The pictures I have came from Anna K's OWN WEBSITE.
She is wearing light blue Adidas shorts. I can
assure you, that is not sweat pouring out of her crotch.

Mon, 29 Sep 03, 12:33 PM
Hi, Sean. The best example of this is the Adidas International (Don't know if the URL will work for someone not logged in):

Pic 7 (http://www.kournikova.com/photos/logged20/adidas/pic7.php) 7 Jan 2002: Anna Kournikova in action during her first round match against Angeles Montolio of Spain during day 2 of the Adidas International held at Sydney International Tennis Centre, Sydney, Australia. Photo: Chris McGrath (Allsport)

For any who can't open this pic, there are numerous examples of Anna in very obviously sweaty clothing, and in all of them her pants are not particularly wet in any way other than from sweat. In this and other photos in the set, however, she doesn't look to have sweated at all, and yet her pants are not just sweaty-damp but soaked in the crotch.


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Mon, 29 Sep 03, 1:09 PM

Sorry, but think a bit. I want to believe just as much as you people that women sportspeople pee themselves all over the place, and with long distance runners or cyclists that might actually be the case. But how long does the average tennismatch last? Now count how many toilet breaks they're allowed to have. They really must have kiddy bladders not to last through a match like that.

Mon, 29 Sep 03, 1:32 PM
Hi Liesje and all

At last someone else out there who feels and thinks the same about female tennis players! Well said Liesje I mean come on these are grown up pro athletes these days the sweat factor is bad enough but just imagine how sore that part of the body and upper leg would get playing a hard game of tennis in pee soaked knicker/shorts!I do have to agree it's a lovely thought about them peeing while on court and I know we will never prove it one way or the other. But I will bow out of this thread now as I have maybe gone on to much already but it's been interesting to here every one's point of view on this and as I said many times every one can belelive what they like. But I know which way I think.

Best wishes to all.


Mon, 29 Sep 03, 3:28 PM
Liesje, as far as I can see this pic, a couple of others in that set and the one that shows her white panties from the back with an obvious wet stain in them are the only ones that look anything like she peed her pants. I don't think the issue is whether it's normal for tennis players to do it, only that it does happen. Unfortunately, Chas seemed hell-bent on the idea that it never happens, and I just can't see how that argument can be supported - it must have happened sometime at least once, and these pics of Anna show that she has done it herself.

Here are another few pics of her in various states, wet, sweating, etc. Make up your own mind.

Have a look at another pic from exactly the same set:

Anna dry (http://www.kournikova.com/photos/logged20/adidas/pic12.php)

and another one:

Anna wet (http://www.kournikova.com/photos/logged20/adidas/pic4.php)

These pics were taken on the same day, albeit in different matches. The wetness is not sweat. This is Anna in a different match sweating in the same outfit:

Anna sweating (http://www.kournikova.com/photos/logged20/mexico/pic7.php)

And another match:

Anna sweating again (http://www.kournikova.com/photos/logged20/fcc/pic1.php)

Tue, 30 Sep 03, 2:58 AM
i looked at the pic of anna k and that looks like more than sweat to me to. but i never seen a pic of it openly driping or any thing . it just looks very wet. can a woman sweat in one spot that much.
and do any one know whats wrong with her back.
did she play in the 03 US OPEN . and do any one know why they had the black mats under the chairs in the US OPEN.

Tue, 30 Sep 03, 5:23 AM
If I ever write a book about urban legends and such, I suppose a chapter on "Documented Celebrity Wettings" would fit right in with chapters on UFO's, Nessie, and Faith Healings.

Has anyone ever seen an actual authenticated photo of Anna K., Britney S., Patty H. or any other celebrity wetting his or her pants? In all my years of enjoying this genre, I don't remember ever having seen one.

Next best thing would be a thread on a message board somewhere where genuine experts and fans of some famous person discuss real sightings. Anna Kournikova, for example, must have a zillion fans of all ages. Has anyone ever encountered those fans discussing her on-court wettings (not counting on wet-boards like this one)? Or what about news reports? Surely, there must be something somewhere....if these events are real.

Just wondering. It is an interesting mystery...

Tue, 30 Sep 03, 10:03 AM
Well the picture in question certainly looks persuasive (although not conclusive) to me. For what it's worth I think the "did she/didn't she" argument could rage on forever. At the end of the day, only one person knows whether she did or not and that's Anna K herself. My view is that it's certainly possible and by no means beyond the bounds of probability that she did. There's no harm in imagining that it was an accident though. images/smiles/icon_razz.gif

Tue, 30 Sep 03, 12:52 PM
Now, with Anna K it might just b a mild form of stress incontinence. I know it happens to me if i put alot of force behind a certain movement, that i dribble a bit, specially when lifting something heavy, or when for instance pulling really hard on something. Now i can imagine that a tennis match takes some effort, and when hitting really hard you could lose a few drops, but in that case they'd wear some sort of prrotection. I can simply not believe that any grown up woman would pee herself in her seat on tv. It would simply not be necessary. When you're doing sports you drink alot, yes indeed, but you sweat so much more that you don't get desperate at all. I know this because i used to do alot of sports myself. But i'm gonna stop arguing about the matter. Let everyone think what he or she wants to think, nobody's gonna be able to persuade anybody of the opposite.


Liesje (in wet knickers)

Thu, 2 Oct 03, 6:26 PM
Anna K has a back injury which kept her out of the US Open. Back injuries frequently cause various forms of stress incontinence. I have a back injury from a car accident, and during serious physical activities I leak urine. Not enough to make a puddle, but enough to soak my pants or shorts. I think this may be happening with Anna K in those photos.

Thu, 2 Oct 03, 7:30 PM
ty sean i hope she gets better.

Fri, 3 Oct 03, 12:38 AM
This is such a funny thread - everyone taking it so seriously. What I want to know is, has "Tiger" Tim Henman ever wet his shorts on court? LOL

Tue, 7 Oct 03, 1:54 AM
Wow what have i started here, how about some female input............