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Fri, 19 Dec 03, 7:02 AM
How many have seen a wet circle on the back of a ladies skirt? Several of you have referred to this because you knew someone that had wet her panties and then neglected to pull her skirt out from under herself when she sat down.

Some years ago I worked in receiving at a really large grocery store. My desk was just inside a hallway near the end of the first store isle. All the customers had to walk down the isle after entering the store and make a turn away from where I sat. Literally thousands of women shopped the store especially on the first of the month. I usually spent a large part of these days checking out these womenís butts as they turned away from my desk. It was an exciting hobby.

One morning about 11 am I really got a shock. A lady in dirty, yellow tight fitting skirt and white blouse walked past me with two small children in tow. She looked kind of sexy pushing her grocery cart because she wore heels that made her legs look especially long. A sweater was draped over her shoulders. Her curly hair and glasses just added to her sexy mannerism especially when I noticed a plate size stain that was centered at the base of her butt. There was no doubt as to its source and the sight of her just took my breath away.

When my composure was restored I grabbed my clipboard and followed her down the next Isle in the pretense of checking the stock. Unfortunately, I couldnít tear my eyes away from her wet ass and almost could not catch my breath. I had to return to my desk.

Several times I was able to get up and check her out. She spent nearly an hour in the store. The lines were rally long at the check out so I spent a bunch of time watching her as she stood in line. There was no doubt that she had wet her pants, but I just wasnít sure of how it happened. Her skirt was tight enough that you could see that she was wearing full cut briefs. The panty lines were quite obvious and could even have been control briefs. She didnít seem the least bit concerned and was very casual as she shopped or stood in line. If I had to guess I would say that her wetting was no big deal to her.

Now this lady had purchased a lot of groceries and box boys were assigned to wheel her cart out to the loading area. I watched as she put her purse over her shoulder and taking each of the children by the hand walked out to the parking area. It was so interesting that as they walked out it was the mother that wet her pants and not one of the kids. When she returned with her car, she had to stop, get out and open the trunk. It was then that I realized what had happened.

I got a real eye full as she opened the car door and swung her heeled feet out. Her skirt had ridden up her legs and as she did so I saw her glance down between her legs as if she were checking the evidence. I was to far away to see much except that her panties were beige in color. It was also obvious that she had wet herself while driving earlier and had not been the least bit embarrassed about stopping to shop for her groceries.

Has anyone ever seen a lady that was that unconcerned with wetting herself?

Sat, 20 Dec 03, 5:29 AM
Reading this account reminded me of the days in high school when there was an occasional wetting accident by a classmate.
I remember being in this math class and the teacher was an old dude retirment age with thick coke bottle lens for glasses. He could not see much past the desk clearly and then blurry images. With glasses off everything was blurry as he explained to us in class. We would raise our hand if we needed the restroom and sometimes call out, "Mr. White" to get his attention.

This one morning late before lunch a girl sat over next to me and I noticed her very uneasy and squiming in her seat a lot. She was bouncing up and down and crossing and uncrossing her legs. You knew she hadda go pee without a doubt. She delayed as long as possible with only about 20 min left in class before lunch. Finally she put up her hand and called out, "Mr. White". He looked up from his work and said, " Yes, Miss Masters". (every one was called either mister or miss by teachers)
"May I be excused to the girls room" Betty said. The ole man glanced at the clock on the wall by his desk and said, " well, NO, its almost time for dismissal". Betty bit her lower lip and was squeezing her legs, and then put her hand up her flowered dress right between her legs right in class before all of us. She was leaning over her desk and holding heself and you could hear her cussing under her breath. Girls sitting around her said, go, just go, never mind him, walk out. Not wanting to cause trouble or commotion in the room Betty just held on. I heard her say clearly, Damm! as she wiggled around inher seat. I noticed she was sitting on her long flowered dress. MOst all girls wore white sox and white buck shoes at the time. She swayed back and forth in her seat and held her crotch.
In desperation she called out again, "Mr. White"! The teacher never looked up and said, "NO Miss Masters, be quiet". She sat there and just squirmed in her seat holding on and hissing thru her teeth.
Finally the bell rang, everyone got up to leave for lunch. Betty was the first up off the seat running to the door her hand now holding books.
As for wet dresses, she had a huge wet spot on her butt where she clearly had leaked a lot of pee thru her panties onto her dress. Even her seat at the desk showed wetness. As she dashed for the door, little rivlets and drops of pee followed her out the door. The girls bathroom was directly across from our classroom as she dashed in. I remember also that she seemed always had to go bathroom every day or two during that one class.

I know I went to lunch that day being visibly excited that morning along with a few other boys.

Sun, 26 Dec 04, 11:40 PM
Yes, I know this thread is more than a year old, but I came across a few old interesting posts by lhansen. I hope he still comes here.

I love store wetting sightings. I've personally witnessed a few store desperation sightings, but no wettings - yet.

lhansen, how long was her skirt and what do you mean by it was "dirty"? Also, did you manage to see the front of her skirt? And when you saw her glance down between her legs, I assume she was looking down the front of it? To inspect the wet patch, I guess.

If anyone else has any sightings of females who have already wet before entering a store or wet themselves in a store, please write about them. Or in any public building, for that matter.

I very much hope to spot a young woman walking around in a wet skirt in a department store or supermarket one day.

Grant. :)

Mon, 27 Dec 04, 5:01 PM
Yes, I'm still around and very interested in any sightings that anyone can post. Some of the earlier posts that I made here have been deleted because of changes in the program. I think I've saved them and can repost them if you want me to.

I worked in the retail industry forever and had a lot of opportunity to see wettings. I was nearly always amazed at how unconcerned some women are about walking around wet or in not letting wet underthings change their schedule. I used to see them a lot but very rarely any more. I think the number of pads out there has changed our hobby a lot.

The lady you are asking about was wearing an older, yellowish beige rather snug fitting, twead style skirt that just reached her knees. It may not have been dirty, but then it wasn't new either. Kind of like the skirt a lady might wear around the house when no one was expected to drop by. I remember that although her clothing was not new that she wore everything well. I do remember the cream colored sweater hanging around her shoulders instead of around her waist where it might have disguised the fact that she had wet her pants.

I'll post my earliest sighting in the store on a new thread.

:D :D :D

Mon, 27 Dec 04, 11:37 PM
Thanks for replying, lhansen. Reading the archives from a year ago, I enjoyed reading about your various sightings from the 60s. For some reason, I can't remember them when they were posted.

The only thing you didn't answer was the front of her skirt. You said she looked down between her legs as she opened the car door - was it the front that she was looking down at? And do you know if she was wet at the front? And did you ever see her again?

Yes, it would be great to read about other wet sightings you've witnessed in stores. It doesn't matter if they've been posted before. I'm sure there are a lot of people who didn't see them originally.


Tue, 28 Dec 04, 11:59 PM
So did you manage to see the front of her skirt?


Wed, 29 Dec 04, 3:57 AM
Well, problem is that if a girl stand up and direct pee from her skirt without trying to hold it, then most likely only the crotch of her panties will be wet, and everything else will still stay dry.

Wed, 29 Dec 04, 3:54 PM
The problem is that she was pushing the grocery cart. The only real chance I had to check out the front of her skirt was when she walked out of the store to her car. I followed from a safe distance, but was behind her. When she got out of the car she needed to swing her legs out to do so because of the tight skirt. The skirt had ridden up her legs inabling me to notice her legs and the color of her panties, but I was at the wrong angle to see the front of her skirt.

Never saw the front but her butt was a totally different story.

Thu, 30 Dec 04, 1:53 AM
Even though you didn't see the front of her skirt, it's a fantastic sighting. Which year did this marvellous sighting happen? I wonder if she wet herself on purpose, or she was genuinely caught short and found it more convenient to wet in the car than pee in a toilet? Perhaps she was in the habit of wetting when shopping. We'll never know. I wonder if she still wets today?..

Grant. :)

Sun, 2 Jan 05, 2:41 AM
I'll have a wild guess and say the year was 1979.

Sun, 2 Jan 05, 3:46 AM

I saw one other that year as well. It was at a shopping center later in the evening in August. Interested?

Sun, 2 Jan 05, 4:12 AM
I once saw a lady in a super market on a Sunday morning. She was wearing a powder blue skirt suit. The seat of her skirt was marked with a dark patch that made a Tee.

It was obvious to me that the Tee was the result of her having an accident and then sitting down where the evidence of the accident was impressed on to her skirt.

She was pushing a cart around as if nothing had happened and I couldn't help wondering: Wasn't she aware of the fact that she had peed herself? Wasn't she aware of the fact that when she sat down her wet panties would make the back of her skirt wet? Wasn't she aware of the fact that she had peed herself and was announcing that fact to all she encountered?

This sighting was almost as good as the lady standing cross-legged on the corner of a bus stop.


Sun, 2 Jan 05, 12:47 PM
Leaker, unless she sat on something wet, which I hope she didn't. What time of day did you see her? I would love to see a wet lady in the supermarket someday.

lhansen, please describe your sighting at the shopping centre.

Grant. :)

Mon, 3 Jan 05, 1:24 AM
Hi all! I'm new here...
I ones was, in the middle of the love parade in Tel Aviv, a sexy girl, wearing a tiny tanktop and a very short skirt standing and pissing with her legs spread, next to a parking lot - where everyone can see.
I could hardly stop myself from coming next to her and I'm sure she saw me looking at her with horny eyes.
I still regret I didn't :?

Sweet T
Mon, 3 Jan 05, 1:46 AM
Well, while I've never seen a wet skirt in the grocery store, I did see a guy with a wet crotch the other day. I'd gone in to get a sports drink (on a bike ride, as usual) and there was this fellow walking towards me with a very distinct stain on the left side of his crotch. He had on khaki slacks and seemed oblivious to his ...erm... spot.

It was my first sighting, actually. Happy New Year to me!

Sweet T

Tue, 4 Jan 05, 2:58 AM
I've seen quite a few wet skits, which are, obviously, of two types. If a girl/woman wet herself while sitting in a skirt/dress, she obviously gets it wet. Let's leave this (lovely) type of wetting aside. While standing a girl/woman wet her dress/skirt either because she is not standing completely straight (that is, perhaps is leaning forward deperately trying to stop from wetting), thereby wetting her skirt/dress. Or her pee sprays out because her legs are pressed together, or because she grabs herself, not wanting to wet herself, but unintentionally soaks her skirt/dress by so doing.

OK, lots of lovely possobilities out there. My wife, who has been quite accident prone since a teen, has wet her skirt or dress in all of the above manners over the years....all great to see. I've not seen them all, but she's described (at least) some of them to me. Her first totally wetting, when she was 16, classically walking home from the bus, on which she almost wet herself, but managed to hold off, during which time she began to wet herself forcefully a few blocks from her house. It was a spring day, her dress blue, and as she began to wet her panties she grabbed herself, managed in seconds to soak the front of her dress, before she removed her wet hand, spread her legs and finished wetting her panties (and socks and shoes). She walked home obviously having had an accident, but no one was on the residential street. However, her older brother and a friend, on whom she had a crush, were in the kitchen when she walked in and she turned various shades of red. They were relatively nice about it, but word did spread of her accident in school.

She's wet her skirt/dress other times, especially long ones, while trying to pulled them up quickly...more some other time.