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Sat, 3 Jan 04, 7:17 AM
My wife has been peeing in her pants for me for a few years now. When she was young she told me when she was playing with friends instead of going to the bathroom she would hold it until she would pee her pants then run home and change. I finally told her a woman peeing her pants was a turn on for me. She asked me one day shortly after that if i wanted to watch her pee her pants. There has been many times since then. She knows i like it best when she pees in her pants in public on purpose. A few night ago we were out at the movies. Near the end of the show she leaned over and whispered in my ear"Do you want me to pee my pants." I said yes and she put my hand on the inside of her leg. Soon i felt my hand get warm and wet. I could not believe she was wetting herself while sitting in a theatre. I had told a while ago this was a fantasy of mine but i couldn't believe she would actually do it. When we left she put her long coat on but i followed her and you could she the back of the legs of her jeans were wet. I don't think anyone noticed. Later we stopped to eat and i said lets go in instead of the drive thru. She said ok as she knew it would excite me if someone seen she peed her pants. We sat alone but i was still excited to sit and eat with her in Mcdonald's with her in wet jeans. When we finished eating she said"Can i go potty like a big girl?" I said your wet jeans are probally cold you should warm them up. Then she said do you want me to pee my pants sitting here? I said ok but she said maybe she would on the way out. She asked if she could have a hot apple pie for the way home and i said sure if you wet your pants again. It was late and there was not very many people around. After i ordered the pies i looked at her standing beside me. You didn't even have to know her to tell by the way she was standing and the look of embarassment on her face that she was standing there and peeing in her pants on purpose. I looked at the inside of her legs under her coat but didn't see any wetness. After we were outside she lifted her jacket and showed me that she did in fact pee her pants standing at the counter at Mcdonald's. The wetness went more on a wide pattern than down her legs. I told it was still great but would have really liked to she her pants get wet down the inside of her leg to her ankles as then there would be no way to hide the fact that she peed in her pants like a little girl. She said maybe that might happen next time. I can hardly wait to find out.

Sat, 3 Jan 04, 7:25 AM
Wow, nice story...it made me nice and wet and I even leaked a little bit in my panties. I'm somebody not afraid to wet myself in public and it's nice to see other girls have enough guts to do it.

And yes, to clear this up right now, I'm bi :D

Mon, 5 Jan 04, 11:33 AM
I also love to pee myself for my husband. It all started when I accidentally weed my knickers walking home with some shopping. I remember tearfully explaining that I just couldn't wait and had to do it, but he let me know that it was actually a real turn on for him and he didn't mind at all! Since then I've peed my pants regularly, most often whilst walking home from the pub. I love the feeling of being naughty and just weeing without caring!