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Tue, 13 Apr 04, 10:40 AM
There used to be a Yahoo Groups website featuring more mature ladies, in need, in desperation or actually wetting themselves. It, along with other excellent Yahoo wetting sites, appears to have gone.

Can any others tell me of any sights featuring the more mature woman in need?

In asking this I have no objection at all to the young ladies that feature on most sites, but there must be many ladies out there over the age of 35 who wet themselves and some most have the odd picture taken.

Regards to all


Tue, 13 Apr 04, 6:53 PM
You probably need to go to the older files on Ger's site. Even so I think the cut off age must be 40. We get less attractive as we get older!

Wed, 14 Apr 04, 1:20 PM
I agree with what you say boatman2, but the though of an older more mature woman 'in need' does arouse me!

If there are any slightly older ladies who do like to wait or even wet themselves, i would love to hear from you.

my email address rogerlepp@hotmail.com

Look forward to hearing from you

Southampton UK.

Wed, 14 Apr 04, 9:29 PM
the cut off age must be 40. We get less attractive as we get older!

*ahem*! :x
We do not.
Check out my website - I'm nearly 39...

Dave Holt
Thu, 15 Apr 04, 4:36 AM
I would suspect and that is merely "suspect", mind you, that mature ladies no longer have wetting accidents. Unless, they are afflicted with so-called stress incontinence or overactive bladders. Even if these two conditions truly exist I have never seen them occur in women over the age of 35.

But, I have seen them exist in women under that age on many occasions as well as more legitimate wettings brought on by simply holding it too long. I'm still not so sure that holding too long isn't the main cause for female wetting accidents. Be that as it may, I would be interested in sightings and tales that proved me wrong in my "Old Man's" views.

Glad you posted this question and I hope you get many comments.


Thu, 15 Apr 04, 8:21 AM

Just to say that i think women get more beautiful with age. There's definatley no "cut-off" point at 40!


Thu, 15 Apr 04, 3:59 PM
Stress incontinence cannot be dismissed just like that. Nor can leaking or cystitis etc. all of which occur in more mature women. I would say that women have more wetting accidents as they get older, but they are likely to be minor rather than major accidents.

Each to his or her own, but I dont mind about the age of the person (assuming they are over 18). After all, think of someone like Joan Collins, would a video of her desperation and wetting not be of interest even though she is over 60?

Thu, 15 Apr 04, 4:02 PM
Oooops, that bit in brackets should read if they are over eighteen, but it would seem an 8 followed by a ) has a more subtle meaning.

Thu, 15 Apr 04, 4:19 PM
Sorry Quinn, you're lovely. XXX as I can't give you a cuddle. Boatman2 :oops:

Thu, 15 Apr 04, 6:29 PM
I too prefer the idea of maturer women, i.e . women over 40, getting desperate and even wetting. Perhaps it's partly to do with the fact that at that age they're old enough to know better. My suspicion is that whilst older women do occasionally have accidents, by the age of 40 or so most have learnt from experience the wisdom of going to the toilet regularly.

Incontinence can affect women (and men) at any age but it's likliest to occur in older people whose muscles have had the most wear and tear. Middle aged women often suffer from continence problems due to weakening of the pelvic floor.

Personally I don't get off on the idea of people who have genuine continence problems, wetting. I can't see how anyone else could either. For me, the turn on has to be someone of normal bladder strength wetting as a result of drinking too much or not going to the toilet when they should have or a comination of the two. Such wetting of course can either be genuinely accidental or orchestrated on purpose.


Thu, 15 Apr 04, 6:55 PM
I too like the idea of older women wetting. That does not mean that younger women wetting are not exciting too, but when you get to my advanced age I guess an older woman looks more like a possible girlfriend :wink:

I think wetting is only fun if it is either deliberate or at least semi deliberate (filling up and going out to see how long you can last, etc.). A woman wetting for a medical reason (unless she happens to enjoy it as well) is not a turn-on.


Dave Holt
Thu, 15 Apr 04, 11:44 PM
The attractiveness of a female beyond the age of 40, 45 or older is not the point of this posting. As some have said Joan Collins is still beautiful in her seventies. The point is whether or not mature females have wetting accidents.

It is my experience that women of the age described above no longer have wetting accidents. But, my experience is severly limited and should be discarded out of hand.

OK, you and all can invoke wetting accidents that result from stress incontinence and overactive bladder but it is my belief that such incidents are in the minority and also can be discarded as they will only show occasional spots in the clothing usually easily concealed. If stress incontinence and overactive bladder are legitimate conditions they are easily thwarted from the public eye via Depends or a similar product.

Personally I believe that stress incontinence and overactive bladder are conditions that were well established during the sufferer's childhood. As a child these sufferers of stress incontinence and overactive bladder were encouraged to relieve themselves as soon as the very first urge to go presented itself. They were highly encouraged to relieve themselves when and where the urge occurred. They were denied the mechanism of holding for long periods of time. Even as mature persons they cannot hold and therefore are susceptible to accidents.

When those accidents occur they need a socially acceptible excuse such as stress incontinence and overactive bladder. If the person having the accident had been taught to hold and hold they would have been better prepared to avoid accidents in their mature life. A whole medical culture has evolved to protect these folks from taking the humiliation of a wetting accident.

My thoughts and I do not believe they are set in stone. Let's hear from those who do not agree and in the process gather more info about mature women wetting.


Fri, 16 Apr 04, 8:06 AM
Gusher, I don't think your experience can, or should be discarded out of hand. We can all write and speak from experience whilst admitting that our 'experience' is not exhaustive and recognising that the truth is more complex. What you say is valid so long as you recognise that other people may have different experiences.

I think it may well be the case that some people are encouraged to use the toilet too frequently early on in life and as a result never master the art of holding for long. To a degree, that may have been true in my own case although I rarely have accidents, being a regular 'toiletier' and I can often hold for quite long times when I have to, despite having a tradition of regular visits to the loo.

However, I think it is certainly the case that for both men and women the need to pee increases with age as muscles weaken and become worn. To illustrate this, when she was younger my aunt wasn't exactly noted for going to the toilet too often and she could last for hours on end without going. Although no unkindness was meant by the remark, I once remember someone saying that she didn't go as often as she should! When she finally went it would more often than not be a major event. Nowadays though, as a lady in her seventies, she goes much more often, using the loo every 2 or 3 hours and, she claims, getting up at least twice in the night. She's not incontinent, it's just that she has to go to the loo rather more often than she used to. My suspicion is a weakening of muscles in the pelvic floor as she had a number of pregnancies between her lat 20's and mid to late 30's. It's well known the effects of such weakening don't make themselves fully known for several decades, often until a woman is much older.

Also I have a female friend who has mild continence problems for which she's received medical help. She doesn't have accidents as such but she has to go to the loo fairly frequently. When I'm out in her company I feel we're well matched, bladder wise.

I think we have to be honest and recognise that whilst obvious public wettings are rare events, continence and bladder problems, though often mild, are commonplace - particularly (though not exclusively) amongst older people.


Fri, 16 Apr 04, 11:51 AM
Just to add.......... I wasn't wondering if more mature women have acciodents as such, more are there more mature women out there who wait on purpose and even wet themselves on purpose?

I had an internet conversation with a 50 year old woman, who occasionally wet herself for the pleasure it gave her. She enjoyed the thrill of waiting and having to cross her legs.

I wonder if there are others 40+ who wait on pupose ?


Southampton, UK

Fri, 16 Apr 04, 6:30 PM
I'm sure there are a number of mature women who hold and even wet for pleasure. There may even be one or two here who fall into that category.

Dave Holt
Sat, 17 Apr 04, 1:17 AM
It has become increasingly obvious to me that I am in the wrong venue on this chat board. My particular fetish is of women who hold too long and wet themselves accidently but never on purpose.

With this in mind I hold strongly to my above submissions on the subject of mature female wetting. And, I stick to my denial of excuses of accidental wetting such as stress incontinence and overactive bladder. With all due respect to Adrian I did not see a single incident of accidental public wetting in her posting.

I stick to my belief that mature women (over 40) have fewer detectable public wetting accidents than the younger women. They simply know how to handle themselves and avoid such situations. But, I will say that I would love to hear of any situations where a mature woman legitimately had a wetting accident; especially in public.

By the way, as an aged male I do not have any problem with weakened pelvic muscles. Swollen prostrate yes, but I have not yet become incontinent.


Sat, 17 Apr 04, 8:34 AM
Sorry Gusher, I did not set out deliberately to upset you. It is just that I dont make any distinction between deliberate, accidental or medical wettings. I know it may appear stupid to others, but that is the way I am. A wetting is a wetting is a wetting, to me.

In fact I wonder if older women who suffer from forms of incontinence have far more occasions of being in public with wet patches on their underwear, and therefore have more chance of getting to like the feeling, if only from a few dribbles rather than a full scale flood. I would guess that they might get to enjoy it if it wasn't for the perennial worry that they might smell, and would therefore be highly embarrassed. Yet again, we come back to the idea of what we have be socially conditioned to call acceptable behaviour.

But if my wife (over 50) was to sneeze sometime and tell me that she had peed a little in her knickers, then I would find that sexy in two ways, 1) that she was walking around with damp panties, and 2) that she had taken the trouble to tell me.

Sat, 17 Apr 04, 6:53 PM
It has become increasingly obvious to me that I am in the wrong venue on this chat board. My particular fetish is of women who hold too long and wet themselves accidently but never on purpose.

With this in mind I hold strongly to my above submissions on the subject of mature female wetting. And, I stick to my denial of excuses of accidental wetting such as stress incontinence and overactive bladder. With all due respect to Adrian I did not see a single incident of accidental public wetting in her posting.

I stick to my belief that mature women (over 40) have fewer detectable public wetting accidents than the younger women. They simply know how to handle themselves and avoid such situations. But, I will say that I would love to hear of any situations where a mature woman legitimately had a wetting accident; especially in public.

By the way, as an aged male I do not have any problem with weakened pelvic muscles. Swollen prostrate yes, but I have not yet become incontinent.

Gusher, you speak from within your experience and that's fine. However, there are plenty of others who have had different experiences and I think it's important to recognise that.

It's probably fair to say that by the age of forty most women have wet themselves often enough or come pretty close to it to have learnt the wisdom of going to the toilet often enough to prevent such incidents happening. However, it doesn't mean that accidents don't happen to over 40's, either because they've failed to take wise precautions or simply had the bad luck to be stuck in a lift or traffic jam for ages. Accidents happen and that's life.

Furthermore, this board is fairly catholic in its range and includes submissions from and stories about genuinely accidental wetters. However it also includes stuff from people who wet deliberately for pleasure - and why not? If deliberate wetting stories don't do anything for you then the simple answer is to pass them by.

By the way, I hope you don't mind me pointing it out but I'm a guy - well I was the last time I checked!


Dave Holt
Sun, 18 Apr 04, 11:16 PM

I'm sorry for mistaking your gender. I thought that somewhere in the past I had seen you reporting yourself as a female.

I know the name was wrong for a female but there are many out there sharing names regardless of gender.

Again, I beg your pardon. I will now move on and no longer bug those on this site. I still believe that stress incontinence and over-active bladder are simply excuses for unacceptable but avoidable behavior.
I believe this even though my own experience is very limited.

I say this because I am led to believe by the popular media that it goes on all the time. If I am to believe the popular media. I would witness a woman in wet pants nearly time I ventured into a public place. It is like a few years ago when the popular media stated that half of the women in the United States were physically abused by their husbands. I looked just as hard for black eyes as I did for wet pants. I saw neither in an abnormal frequency. So much for what I hear.

Sorry again Adrian.


Mon, 19 Apr 04, 1:02 PM
I used to belong to the Yahoo group Bustin2 referrred to (Olderwetting). I liked it because I could identify with the women in the pics and stories- some of them even looked quite like me. I was hoping to post some of my own pics there but sadly it met an untimely end about a year ago :(
Yahoo seems to do its best to delete any groups involving pee as soon as they realise despite them -mostly- being as wholesome as apple-pie compared to what is in some other groups. Maybe in the Yahoo mind pee/poop =childish habits = paedophilia.

I'd like to assure Gusher and anyone else that maturer women do have wetting accidents :oops: , as well as holding and wetting on purpose. I enjoy the feeling of a full bladder so probably don't go to the toilet as soon as most people would (except at work lol). I find there is a point these days when my bladder is maybe half-full or a bit more I get fairly urgent messages to empty it. If I resist these messages, the urge usually lessens and I can hold on for say another couple of hours. I think what is happening is that as the bladder fills, it changes position within the pelvis which enables expansion to take place as it adjusts to fill space above and behind other organs.

Sometimes this process gets disturbed, say for some reason I decide for comfort's sake or something to go to the loo but then get sidetracked by some urgent job- thats when I can have an unexpected real accident. I have to go find something, or go turn off the cooker, whatever, next thing I know there's a little warm trickle - sometimes running down my legs and making a little puddle on the floor. Unless I'm drunk it's usually only like a couple of tablespoonsful actually on the floor but my panties can be pretty wet! I'm sure this didnt happen bfore I had my 3 children (now teenagers).
I also sometimes wet myself a bit when laughing or sneezing (again since the kids)

As for what happens when I really hold on till the last minute and misjudge it...

Susanna (aged 40+ )

Mon, 19 Apr 04, 7:13 PM
Gusher. Thanks for replying. Apologies accepted - although none were needed. I wasn't offended in the slightest. As I said earlier we can all only speak from within the limits of our experience and that's alright so long as we accept that other people's experiences may be different. The world is a more complex place than it may seem. My experience so far has taught me that just about everything that's supposed to be impossible is, in fact possible, though not necessarily easy or obvious. For example there is medical textbook myth that guys can't pee with an erection. Maybe some can't. I can, however, and I'm sure there are other guys here who can too.

As regards the matter of 50% of American women supposedly having been ill treated by their husbands (25% is the mooted figure in the UK) I think we have to remember that it may include other things besides the purely physical such as emotional cruelty. It goes without saying that I condemn all forms of cruelty within relationships of whatever form.

I value your contributions here enormously and would be very saddened if you decided to stop posting because you felt that your needs weren't being met. From time to time there are some threads which are of little or no interest to me but I try to plug on and concentrate on the ones which do interest me. For what it's worth i think the forum would be a poorer place without your imput, even though at times I may not entirely agree with you. I would certainly advise against making any hasty decision.


Tue, 20 Apr 04, 2:41 AM
I believe i have once told a story on this site under one of my other names (cantholdit or cantholditin), about my wife wetting herself on the way home from New York City. On this nite she was a little drunk, had on sexy black panties,black shorts and black open toe heels.She was 39 or 40 at the time and had too pee so bad I had to pull off the highway and have her wet herself right next to the car. By the way,I'm into older women wetting as well and wish more stories would be posted about this subject.

Sweet T
Tue, 20 Apr 04, 2:51 AM
Holy Cow! I can't believe what I've been reading. I've been lurking on this site for - oh, forever - but never thought I should join the fray because who would want to hear from a mature woman when there are so many young beauties out there, ready and willing. Fellas, you've made my day!

I'm new to chatting so if I mess up, please help me out.

I 'spose I should say a bit about myself -

Female, 49, 5'9", very fit but heavier than I wish I were (aren't we all as we age?) Shoulder length curly auburn hair that does the blond thing when I'm in the sun.

I'm active - love to bike (100+ miles / week) run (try for 20 miles/week) kayak, hike, horses, skiing (down hill and XC) - generally anything that lets me be outdoors, rain or shine.

And I love to wet my panties.

I don't have any of the weak muscle woes you guys were discussing here earlier. I just love the way it feels when I pee. I'm not at all into humiliation, but enjoy thwarting convention whenever I get the chance. More of a defiant pee'er, I guess, tho' as I've aged I've encountered the occasional rare but real accident.

So, yes Rog, there is at least one more (nearly) 50 year old out here who does it just for the pleasure. (Umm, how explicit am I allowed to be in a chat room?)

Thank you all again for opening my eyes. I very much like what I see.

Wed, 21 Apr 04, 10:05 PM
Hi Bustin2,

I can assure you that there are women over 40 who are into this! Indeed, there was a woman of 75 who used to write on this board!

People don't seem to grow out of this fetish, so as long as they feel sexual feelings they will still be attracted to pee fun.

OK, I am a man, but I found that because my long term partner gradually lost interest in sex, I took more interest in what the internet had to offer and 'rediscovered my wet self' :P


Country Man
Fri, 23 Apr 04, 7:19 AM
Susanna and Sweet T...

Great to see your posts here. I'm 45, and I love to hear about women my age who wet, or who are into peeing. While I'm perfectly happy to hear about younger women, as I've matured, so has my taste. These are the women who are my friends and that I like to be with.

I'd love to hear more from you. How did you get interested in peeing? Have you ever wet with a partner? Are you interested in guys peeing?

Let me pass along a quick story about a lovely friend who was in her later 40s at the time. We were out picnicking at a lake. We had been drinking some beer and were sitting next to each other, both in our swimsuits. She had said something about needing a pee, but we were both enjoying being lazy. We were bantering a bit, and she said something about being naughty. I said no way what could she do that was naughty? (She seemed fairly straight-laced to me.) She reached over and gave my pecker a tug. I was surprised, but told her that wasn't naughty, it was nice. Then she looked me in the eyes and said, "You want naughty?" She spread her legs open and proceeded to piss through the crotch of her swimsuit! Needless to say, I was convinced!

Country Man