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Sun, 15 Aug 04, 4:40 PM
Although I have tried to make the situation known regarding the updates on www.diapergal.com and www.diaperpunishment.com, I am still receiving a few enquiries.

After our hardware problems some weeks ago, we lost a lot of files, including video footage that had been captured from tape ready to edited and posted for download, and photos that were waiting to be posted. It means we have had to do a lot of catching up to recreate the files. It is taking a long time, and therefore although we are keeping the photo updates as close to up-to-date as possible (by posting in less frequent but larger batches where necessary, and keeping track of which updates are "owed"), the video updates are a few weeks behind still.

Although almost all the files for www.wettingherpanties.com were on a different system and mostly not affected by the problem, the time taken to make the repairs on www.diapergal.com has slowed everything down, and this is the reason why some of the photo updates of wettingherpanties have been a few days late recently.

I am very sorry about this. It may appear as if nothing is happening, but that's because, until I have caught up to a certain point at this end, you won't see the results. I'm nearly there. You will start to see the first new video clips posted at www.diapergal.com in this coming week, and (if I am successful in my timing) at least one of the new diaperpunishment clips.

If you are a member of one of these two sites and do decide to cancel, but want to make sure you don't miss out on the updates when they are made, you may contact me using the form at support.skymouse-productions.com, giving the name of the website and (very important) your username AND which billing system you were using, and a request for me to send you the updates when they are ready. I will use my record to check which date your site access will lapse (or already lapsed), and will determine which photos or video clips were due-but-not-posted as at the end of that date. As each item becomes available, I will send it to you using my file transfer system, along with an email containing download instructions. This procedure is available to any members using any billing method EXCEPT the "bundled" Diapergal+DiaperGirls membership (which uses Cybernet/Adult Check, and is thus part of a wider program).

If you do decide to cancel your Diapergal membership, and re-join later, don't forget that when you re-join you can get the very best value by using out Bundled membership. This is effectively an Adult Check Gold membership that give you access to Diapergal, Diaper-Girls and many other different sites.

Also regarding Diapergal, we've had some comments about the style and content. We don't have any plans to make drastic changes, but there is vigorous work going on to develop the existing style further, to vary the settings, introduce some more new girls, and cover some of the things that have been popular and which are most requested, such as more diaper-wetting, and more interesting interaction among the models.

Regarding the re-opening of the Diapergal message board, there will be more news after I have made progress with the various high priority things.


Mon, 16 Aug 04, 8:37 AM

I see you chose to quickly delete my unfavorable post and that's understandable. I do appreciate you taking the time to post this as a replacement. Maybe it will convince some members to stick it out. However, until I hear from other sources that things have improved, I will not be renewing my memberships.

That said, I hope you'll consider the following suggestions regarding the content:

1. As I've said many times in the past, variety is the spice of life. Vary the girls (you've done a pretty good job with that), the sets, and the story-lines.

2. There are dozens of different adult diaper brands available (see www.diaperworld.org). Right now, you only use the three kinds of Tena slip, and Attends. Just introducing new diapers would add tremendously to the appeal of Diaper Gal. Also, there are undoubtedly models available who are petite enough to wear baby diapers, of which there is a tremendous variety available.

3. On the DG forums, members (including myself) offered you scripts for future movies and photosets. Ideas ranged from simulated diaper advertisements to the girls being seen in public. None of these suggestions were ever used nor even acknowledged. There are plenty of ideas to keep DG and DP fresh but so far you don't take advantage of them.

4. As for the general focus of Diaper Gal, I agree with you that no major changes are required. Most of us don't want to see dirty diapers nor hardcore sex in diapers. Also, there are plenty of AB sites out there, so keep DLs as the primary target.

I was a loyal member of Diaper Gal because I love to see beautiful girls wearing and sometimes wetting diapers, which is exactly how you bill the site. If you keep the DL focus, keep it fresh, update it on time, and listen to the members then you'll get us long term customers back.

Until then, best of luck to you and Diaper Gal,

Mon, 16 Aug 04, 10:59 AM
Hi ultrapampers,

Thanks for your reply, and for your understanding. Unfortunately, I think I missed some of the good suggestions that were posted on the DG message board because at the time there was a lot of flaming on the board, and after dealing with that I had less time to spend on the proper posts. I made a note of some of the ideas, though, and they're not forgotten, and I'll be listening for more, still.

The basic premise of the site will always be pretty DL's. Occasionally there is an AB-type element or other facet in a photoset, which is just for variety.


Mon, 16 Aug 04, 11:16 PM
@ Skymouse

Okay, we all know, that you had technical problems... since 2 months...

BUT: You mostly didnīt answer to questions via Ticket-Service, and if, we always read: Updates will follow!

But there arenīt any updates!

And... the latest DG-Video-Clip (no. 158) was uploaded on July, 16th. I downloaded it on July, 17th. And in the listing of the DG-Clips you RE-DATED the Upload-Date to June 30th.
Was is just a try to say: "Hey, we ARE in time!" ???

It isnīt good anymore!

I am one of the persons who cancelled their membership. Because Iīm not willing to pay for nothing an letting be put off!!!

I hope, I will get my "package" I paid for!


Mon, 16 Aug 04, 11:49 PM
the latest DG-Video-Clip (no. 158) was uploaded on July, 16th. I downloaded it on July, 17th. And in the listing of the DG-Clips you RE-DATED the Upload-Date to June 30th.
Was is just a try to say: "Hey, we ARE in time!" ???

The video clips, as listed on the video download page itself, shows the date the files were physically uploaded to the server. The software does that at the time the files are uploaded. The only irregularity on that page is that when I changed servers, I re-uploaded all the existing files, and so you'll see a bunch of files all with the same upload date.

On the members index page, we have indicated, for the videos that you see there already, the date when they were supposed to be posted. Rather than mislead you, this is for exactly the opposite purpose -- it means that if there was a june update that only got posted in July, we list it with the June date, and make it clear that it was part of the collection of stuff that belonged in June -- and that therefore the later stuff is still oweing.


Wet Pacific Northwest
Tue, 17 Aug 04, 2:12 AM
[quote="Jason78I am one of the persons who cancelled their membership. Because Iīm not willing to pay for nothing an letting be put off!!![/quote]

So if you quit the group, then quit your complaining already :x
If you decide to rejoin, that's different. Seems to me Sky
has explained his issues quite well, and is working to remedy
the situation. I'm not a wonk for Sky, but good grief - give the
guy a break. Just my 2 Euros.


Tue, 17 Aug 04, 9:24 AM
Well I can understand your irritation about the complaints, but for my part I stand behind every complainer.
The situation at Diapergal is really different from Wetting Her Panties!
You have not been in this situation of paying membership and getting nothing new for weeks, where the normal thing would be updates 3 times a week.
Ok Skymouse has explained the situation now... but that's way too late for members to prevent building up anger.
I am one of the very few I think, who has joined Wetting Her Panties after being a member of Diapergal. And before this final explanation from Skymouse, I had mixed feelings all over... because to me it showed once more that Wetting Her Panties was, is and will be Skymouse's number 1 site, the site where he put all efforts in for new features, the best models... and on time updates.

Sat, 21 Aug 04, 1:37 AM
Thanks for the dg update now, Skymouse.
Interesting new sets with Tena Flex!

And now I got my dg movie collection complete with movie 0080.
But what's the thing with movie 0068? Why was it skipped last April - or has it never existed?
Really can't remember from first time around, with my old computer :)


Sat, 21 Aug 04, 2:01 AM
Whoops! Just watched movie 0080... I knew there was something "controversial" with it... the movie ex-members mention saying it's all fake at Diapergal.

Well... I can take it with a laugh now. Good job hiding tubes and things... until the camera moves just that bit too far to the left, at around 7 min :lol: :lol:

Still looks spectacular somehow, that "wetting". One can always dream about a forceful pee stream... :)

Sat, 21 Aug 04, 2:26 AM
Hi Vinc,

Yes, there was quite a lot of comment and amusement when that video and another similar one was posted the first time around, because of the "enhanced" diaper wetting. I'm not present at the Diapergal shoots (they are produced by my colleague in Europe), and I still don't quite know the full story of what happened on that occasion, but from what I could understand they "enhanced" the pee with some extra colouring because, on an earlier attempt to make a similar video with the same model earlier that day, the pee was so clear that you couldn't see it properly. I told them not to "cheat" ever again after that!

By the way, I have temporarily disabled that video on the diapergal download page, so I can edit that bit out and repost it, as the rest of the clip is nice...


Sat, 21 Aug 04, 7:06 AM

Thank you for the updates.

Can you answer a question for me regarding movie 84?

Did the blonde tear the brunette's pants at around the 1:18 mark? I think I hear the sound of ripping fabric and the brunette moves in a strange way at that moment. Perhaps that is what prompted the giggles thereafter!


Sat, 21 Aug 04, 9:38 AM

Edit that bit out? Now who's cheating then?!?!


Btw you still haven't answered my question about movie 0068.

Thu, 26 Aug 04, 9:06 PM

(in the hopes that Skymouse might see my question above)

Thu, 26 Aug 04, 9:10 PM
Ultrapampers... thought you were trying to email me? Haven't heard from you...

edit: just watched movie 0084, and I see - I mean, hear what you mean!
Hehe... but I don't think it's the pants, it must be her shoe sliding over the floor.


Thu, 26 Aug 04, 11:34 PM
Hi Vincent,

We skipped 0068 in the movie numbering sequence. If I remember correctly, I think this was because we originally re-posted an earlier movie, and when this mistake came to light we deleted the re-post, and posted a new movie using the next available number.

Regarding editing out part of the other movie, yes, it is cheating.


~*~ k a t e ~*~
Fri, 27 Aug 04, 3:28 PM
Cheating???? Skymouse??? You should be spanked and diapered!!

Fri, 27 Aug 04, 4:16 PM
Fair warning, Kate, Sky's a big lad, although not as big as before he started going to the Gym... ;)

Though he might enjoy it! :D

Boris <runs - ducks>

Fri, 10 Sep 04, 2:01 AM
Skymouse, I was just wondering if the video server was fixed before I emailed about the video files I have missed from June 28th - August 5th due to my membership. Is it running yet? I didn't want to send an email and have it forgotten about.

Fri, 10 Sep 04, 11:10 PM
Hi Leah, I think your request is in the system, which means it will be successfully handled, but if you'd like me to check further, please let me know the "SMP-" number and I'll take a look.


Sat, 11 Sep 04, 4:25 AM
I don't have the SMP number anymore, I will just send a new one then. :?

Tue, 28 Sep 04, 9:59 PM
Hi Skymouse!

I canceled my membership of Diapergal.com at the beginning of August 2004.
After the technical problems noone got the video-files...
Is the problem fixed? Will I get the video-clips I paid for during my membership?

I sent you a ticket via support.skymouse-productions.com and am wondering, if you will forget me :wink:


Wed, 29 Sep 04, 12:14 PM
Hi Jason,

The problem is fixed, and we're fully up-to-date with photo updates. I'm working on the last bit of stuff at my end that's needed to make the missing videos, and I'm hopeful that they'll be posted in the next few days now, and also made available to members who had cancelled, and requested the files.


Thu, 7 Oct 04, 7:22 PM
No update at all since Sept. 27! :x


Mon, 11 Oct 04, 7:35 AM
I'm discouraged to hear from several sources that Diaper Gal and Diaper Punishment are still not back to where they once were as far as content and updates go. I see our forum is still down as well. I want to rejoin so badly but I know I'll be disappointed. I guess I'll continue to wait until I hear better news.

Skymouse, if you happen to read this, I beg of you to dedicate some resources to restoring Diaper Gal and Diaper Punishment back to the pinnacle of DL paysites. If you're having manpower issues, please hire some more people and increase the subsciption rates to cover the costs. I'd gladly pay twice what I used to if I knew I'd get top quality content, updated frequently, and that my suggestions would be heard from time to time.


Mon, 11 Oct 04, 7:18 PM
Just had a swift view of the photoset updates at Diapergal. Many of the gals are stunning. Any chance Sky of a free transfer of some of the finest to our beloved Panty Wetting site?

Mon, 11 Oct 04, 8:09 PM
Well... I'd rather see it the other way round! What the Diapergal site badly needs are girls that can pee, preferably as much as the whp webcam girls!

The majority of the Diapergal models only wear the diapers, don't pee in it. So... as good looking as they may be, I don't think you would really want them on Wetting Her Panties!


Mon, 11 Oct 04, 8:21 PM
Vincent - point taken. Still you never know, maybe some of them could be introduced to the pleasures!