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Mon, 4 Mar 02, 11:34 PM
Marjorie, how nice of you to say you enjoyed hearing about my embarrassing experience so much. On the occasions when I have disgraced myself by wetting myself badly so that everybody knew I have been terribly embarrassed, but the naughtiness and the warm wetness are very exciting too. So is being wet a bit in your knickers and nobody knows, I mean if you have a bit of an accident before you can get to the ladies, or you let off a bit to stop a flood coming and you manage to hold on till you can go properly. You feel every so naughty. I’m so glad to have come across people who feel the same.

I sometimes wet myself deliberately, not too badly, like that. Sometimes I do a whole wee-wee in my pants, even though I could perhaps have waited or managed just a small wetting. I don’t do it just for fun, though I have to admit that wetting myself completely with nobody to stare or make a fuss, and walking about with wet knickers and tights on, is exciting. I sometimes do it if I am down town and can’t wait and I can do it somewhere where I won’t be noticed. A few weeks ago I was in another town to see an estate agent and bursting to go, no ladies in sight anywhere, and I popped into this little second hand bookshop. There was hardly anybody in and I went into the section upstairs. Unfortunately there was a another lady there picking over the books but I stood out of sight behind some shelves and knelt down with one knee on the floor and the other bent so that my skirt was clear of my legs and did a huge wee-wee into my panties and tights and through my panty girdle. There was an old carpet on the floor so no splashing noise, just a big wet place, and I quickly stood up and took a book and went down and paid for it and fled. I put a newspaper on the car seat and a good job I did, because the wee soaked through my petticoat and skirt from my undies.

Phose asked what it’s like peeing in a panty girdle and I’ll tell you. Wearing a panty girdle over my tights and knickers does mean I can sometimes wet in my knickers without it coming all through everything. I am a bit tubby and have rather large thighs so I wear one that isn’t just a briefs sort of girdle, it’s sort of shorts that come most of the way down my thighs and hold my tummy and thighs in nicely, and I tuck my cotton vest into the top of it round my tights. I often wear warm tights in the winter and not little panties but comfy cotton ones with a bit of leg too. The girdle isn’t waterproof exactly but it makes the wee spread round my other undies and it is a strange and exciting feeling. A wee that isn’t too big doesn’t go through the girdle. But it is another layer and having it on means I can wee-wee if I have to quite a bit without anybody knowing, especially sitting down say on a bust with may legs together and there isn’t a big shaming flood through my skirt.

I’ll finish by telling you what I did in the garden last week. I was pulling up some plants and putting in new ones for the spring. We have a big garden and I was down at the bottom of and I have to confess I sometimes do go in my knickers if I leave it a bit late or am very busy. I just say, Oh well, do it, enjoy it, get on with the job and change after! I had nearly finished and thought I would not go till I got back inside but my next door neighbour looked over the hedge and started chatting. Well, she is a friend so I stood chatting too, but I needed a wee-wee more and more. I had a skirt on fortunately not trousers, so I just did it, a little bit, a little bit, and then a lot down my legs. It went onto the flower bed and she couldn’t see. It did feel exciting. When she had gone I carried on gardening and then went in and washed and lay on my bed and thought about it and touched myself.

I would like to hear about other people who have wetted into their panty girdles like me.



Tue, 5 Mar 02, 1:43 AM
Hello to you Penelope, and Marjorie.

I can’t tell you how much I enjoy reading your accounts. Most regrettably I am not able to visit the Internet as often as I would love to – as I don’t often go into the town library. But when I get the opportunity, I sneak in here and read to my delight. I have two jobs (seamstress/dress designer and chef) so I am awfully busy with my feet seldom touching ground.

Penelope, this post you sent in (as well as your absolutely super accounts Marjorie) simply made my heart skip for joy. I have felt so very lonely with my peculiar desires (even my woman friends - with the exception of one or two - in whom I’ve confided about my wetting desires, have expressed shock and horror, telling me that I’m weird). Having recently discovered the dazzling sources of information on the Internet, and these amazing ‘search’ thingies, I’ve found some places where one can share ones desires to wee wee in ones clothing. But most of the web sites have youngsters sending in mail and, while it has been wonderful to learn that I’m not entirely alone – it was only recently when I discovered Marjorie’s writings and now you, making three of us who are – shall we say – senior. (chuckling) and who have such miraculously similar preferences. My heart is truly singing. I just wish we could get together and have a tea and chin wag to discuss all the fabulous possibilities open to us. I MUST learn how to use the chat sessions. By the way, if I’ve left anyone else’s name out, who has similar preferences – please accept my apologies, I have yet to enjoy the pleasure of your acquaintance.

I was born in the early 1950’s and my Mum used to wee wee in her panties often, often, often. I too have grown up wearing panty girdles, all-in-ones (corselettes – we call them here) and “sensible” panties. I too am a little hippy – i.e. large in the hip area, so I have enjoyed the benefits of a good Playtex or Triumph foundation garment (remember Rago?). Most of my panties/girdles are cuff-leg or ‘boy-leg’ panties because I enjoy the additional support. Some of my own panty designs have plunging lace lines into the gusset. I do this on the request of my regular customers who complain about the legging elastic of the commercially available underwear cutting into their thighs.

Some years ago, I used to be very self-conscious of the fact that my foundation wear was not ‘fashionable’. Oh dear, I even tried wearing bikinis and - heaven forbid! – a thong. But my old fashioned ways prevailed and I’m much more contented to be cosseted in my ever-so-comfy full panties, panty girdles and corselettes. Besides, I firmly maintain that even full panties (my niece calls them granny pants or passion killers – I ask you!) can be very feminine. Because I design and make clothing, I am able to make panties that are so wonderfully pretty. Silk (if one is feeling extravagant), Antron and Nylon (for those of us constrained to a budget), as well as good old, absorbent cotton are such wonderful fabrics – as are spandex and lycra. As a youngster, my Mum had a boyfriend who was a paratrooper and one day, he smuggled a large piece of parachute silk to my mum when he came to visit. I believe she was the envy of all her friends because she had silky panties and not the rough-sewn, coarse underthings that her friends had to wear during the austere times of the Second World War. I believe that we in the 21st century have lost the art of subtle sensuality - well placed ruffles or pretty ribbons. Garments nowadays are either so ‘functional’ that they are terribly boring to look at and must be miserable to wear – or they are ALL lace and over the top. Dear me, I’ve just seen that I’ve been digressing – that’s my problem – I’m far too chatty.

Anyway, back to the deliciously naughty subject of wetting. Although I sometimes suffer a little from stress incontinence – I do little wee wees when I sneeze, I also absolutely love wetting my panties deliberately. I’m PAINFULLY shy so I would never dream of wetting where people can see (although I’ve had a few genuine accidents in front of others – but I shall tell you about them another time). We are so very similar in our likes – I also wear more than one pair of undies. Generally, when I work at the restaurant, I will wear black pants. During my work, I seldom wet my panties on purpose because we’re all terribly busy. But, I always wear a sanitary napkin and if I suspect that I might wee wee, then I will wear sanitary panties as well. I don’t know if you can buy them in your country, but They are a knitted polyester fabric (or sometimes cotton – but they don’t dry as quickly) with a large waterproof gusset. This ‘assembly’ prevents my trousers from getting wet but allows for little accidents if I cough, sneeze or lift heavy objects. The sanitary panties are absolutely super for wee weeing in when just wearing normal panties. When I want to wet myself on purpose wearing these panties, I let a little out while I’m doing housework – or while cutting out material. The wee wee forms a delightfully warm little ‘pool’ in the gusset. If you walk carefully, it will stay there for some time until one sits down. Then the wee is pushed out into ones panties and petticoat/dress/skirt. What can be most exciting is wetting in the above fashion, then – standing in front of a mirror – and cupping my panty gusset in my hand and gently pushing upwards. This pushes the wee up and outwards, through my normal panties or panty girdle and down my stockings. I can almost never resist going to the loo or lying on the bed and touching myself to the most intense satisfaction.

When I’m sewing, then I am less concerned about showing as it is a little home business – unless of course I have a customer coming in for a fitting (remind me to tell you about an occurrence when a lady came in for a fitting!!!). However, I generally wear panties, pantyhose and a panty girdle. I might choose a corsellete if I’m wearing a dress as this helps to give me a smoother waistline.

Another thing I often do during the day is to let little wee wees out deliberately into my panties and then – if it’s not showing – I go out and do my haberdashery or fabric buying. I feel so wonderfully naughty walking with wet underwear and the tops of my legs all sticky and damp. It’s just too exciting for words. Eventually the excitement is all too much and my legs become slippery from the ‘other’ moisture. It is then when I slip into a convenient lavvie to touch myself.

There is so much I want to share with you – and hopefully learn from you. I will try as soon as possible, to visit the library or even an Internet Café which is a couple of blocks from the restaurant where I work. Thank you for being there, and I hope to make lots of lovely friends here. I’m looking forward to hearing from you with great anticipation!

Tammy-Louise Evans

Tue, 5 Mar 02, 5:42 AM
Great to hear from you Tammy-Louise! Please keep the postings coming.

Tue, 5 Mar 02, 12:52 PM
Hi!! I am also an "older" woman who loves the naughtiness of wetting myself...I've not tried a girdle...usually just stick with good old cotton, and either a sanitary napkin or adult diaper if I'm going to be out and about...

Look forward to more of your posts.

Tue, 5 Mar 02, 5:30 PM
Welcome TammyLouise. I know it must have been hard to actually get up and post. As I was born in '57 myself we both grew up, became adults then started growing into middle age before the internet arrived. Also when we grew up most people did not go around talking about our "interests". But here we are proof that somethings are better today then in the good old days.