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    I seem to have this thing for the laides wetting their bikinis so Ill give it a go with a story

    Our names have been changed btw...

    Monique and her boyfriend had purchased an expensive beach house on some island. It was the only house on the island so the two of them could really have some alone time together.

    Both were resting on lawn chairs out in the sun, it was a great day so Monique was in her pink bikini while her boyfriend was wearing some long length shorts. Monique turned to her boyfriend and asked "Remember that one time I had wet in my bikini and we instantly had sex after that? Do you have a fettish for peeing?" "Baby, I do...I do" "Wow...." said Monique "That explains why you great in bed...I'd like you to do it again" She said with a smile. "Baby, im not into it right now....." "Ill pee in my bikini..." As she
    spurt a little making her bikini darker. "Not right now baby...Im just.." Monique proceeded to grope her boyfriend followed by a bigger spurt of pee. "C'mon baby im ready for some sexy action, now!" Monique eventually had it with spurting and began to pee her bikini which started to darken even more evantually glistening. As her bikini got wetter and wetter and her boyfriend getting even more aroused, he finally said "lets do it baby" Still wetting her bikini, Monique stripped her boyfriend of his shorts, took her top off, and slid her dripping wet bikini to the side exposing her shaved pussy. She climbed on top of her boyfriend and slowly felt his throbbing flesh come inside her. Monique was overwhelmed with pleasure as she sank down on her boyfriend, then moving against him, up and down, her rhythm growing with each thrust. "Oh god, oh god ahhhhh unnnghhh " Their rhythm progressing to both their enjoyments, their movements against one another picked up speed as her boyfriend began to thrust with more power. Just as Monique reached her limit, she felt her boyfriend suddenly become tense, then her boyfriend withdrew almost completely out of her body and slammed his entire length into her, cumming with great momentum. The force of the final thrust caught Monique by surprise as she felt her boyfriends cock pulse inside her, filling her with his warm fluid. Her boyfriend heard Monique moan one last time. Both were breathing heavily "Oh my god, that was even better than last time..." said Monique, sliding her wet bikini back over. "Its all thanks to you baby." said her boyfriend. As Monique cuddled with her boyfriend, he felt a warm sensation and noticed her bikini starting to glisten again, Oh god, looks like I still had to pee...You wanna go at it again?!"
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