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    I start this thread for all small questions that it probobly is an easy answer too.

    My short question is:

    It say in the top right "Your Notifications" that i have 1 (one) Notification. When I put the mouse over it and click it says I have one "unread private messages".
    But when I click on it and goes to my inbox i have none.

    Is it me or the program that is stupid?


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    It's the program. Sometimes it doesn't update when you clear the Inbox. However, I have found that it usually catches up. Now you have viewed the (false) alert, it should not list any alerts...

    If it's still not working, pee on it!!!
    Regards, Wet Trousers (WT)
    (I was over 18 in the pics used to make my avatar - in fact, the trousers were nearer 18 than I was!)

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