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    What's up everyone? My name is PeterJohnson AKA Spambot and my IP Address is:

    I post my spam via host

    A lot of other spambots use that same host and IP address. We feel very happy there because no-one bothers us and we can post as much crap as we want. Most people even believe that we are real people, even if we post our messages in the wrong section of the board. A blind horse can see that we post it wrong, but we spambots don't care. Some of you even start talking to us and we lauch so hard about that, that we wet our spambotpants. Really.

    So if we say that we are new to the forum and that we don't know if we posted things in the right section, you know that it's us. Ignore us till a moderator deletes our crap. We are only trying to see if our message stays there so we can automatically start posting our commercial advertising.

    Thank you.
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    Hi Peter,

    Welcome to the forum


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