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Thread: Wow! Is she really "NikiStarr" as in "Nikki Star"?? Pls help!!

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    Arrow Wow! Is she really "NikiStarr" as in "Nikki Star"?? Pls help with an alias!!

    This pic was front page today of the WHP webpage. Just wondering who she is. She can't be "Nikki Starr"...?

    Its small but I hope you guys could id her and provide an alias for me?

    Thanks alot in advance.

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    Default Re: Wow! Is she really "NikiStarr" as in "Nikki Star"?? Pls help!!

    Hi Ricardo,

    Sorry I missed your message when you first posted it (and also accidentally didn't update your member title to "verified user").

    Niki Starr was photographed for us by Mizu in Canada. That small image is photo #73 in her first photo set which is still available in the members area of I don't know if she's the same Niki Starr as the one you're thinking of, but she's certainly a Niki Starr, and a rather nice one at that

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