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Thread: Welcome to our newest member, imaryamouri

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    Default Welcome to our newest member, imaryamouri

    Seriously folks,

    As a moderator here that spambot crap and so called private "you have a virus on your computer" messages are driving me crazy. You get them too, but apparently those bots send them to moderators to start with.

    And... because of that I'm getting nervous nowadays with every new member that uses a "weird" name and signs up without posting a normal message right away.

    So folks. You are always very welcome to this board. Of course you are. But if you sign up, please use a "normal" name. And write a normal message on THIS part of the board that makes clear that you are real. And like pee things. And that you are not a spam/virus/bot.

    As I write this the last new signup member is: imaryamouri. OK. Could be a real new member. But... just signing up and no posting of a message.

    I seriously want to ban everyone who does this right now because the amount of private virus and other crap spam messaging at the moment is insane.

    So please. Sign up as a new member and make right away clear that you are REAL and into PEE things.

    "Nervous" moderator that gets sick of these spam idiots.


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    Default Re: Welcome to our newest member, imaryamouri


    That is a very good idea. When I do my next maintenance work on the message board in a couple of days, I'm going to add it to the rules that a user sees when he first registers, saying he or she MUST post a meaningful welcome message or their user name will be suspended.


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    Default Re: Welcome to our newest member, imaryamouri

    Ingenious people, these Dutchmen. I can see why Parliament invited one of them to be king when they finally got fed up of the Scots in 1689!

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