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    I'm new to this forum & this is my first post.
    My interest in female desperation started when my wife was 3 months pregnant with our first child & I went with her to her first ultrasound scan. As instructed she had drunk plenty of water beforehand so her bladder was nice & full. The appointment was in the late afternoon & when we arrived we were told they were running about 30-40 minutes late.
    We sat down to wait but it wasn't long before my wife mentioned that she was getting really desperate for the toilet! Strangely, I found this a huge turn-on & began to watch her closely for signs of desperation. As the minutes passed she became more agitated - crossing her legs & squirming in her seat. I noticed her tugging at the waistband of her trousers trying to ease the pressure on her aching bladder - by now I had a huge hard-on!
    Eventually her turn came & we went into the examination room. My wife removed her trousers, lay down on the table & lowered her panties. Her abdomen was distended & there were marks where the waistband of her briefs had cut into her flesh. The ultrasound tech applied the gel which caused my wife to wince & bite her lip. Then the examination started. I was holding her hand & as the probe was pressed against her she gasped & gripped my hand tightly. As the probe was passed repeatedly over her swollen bladder she groaned with distress & gripped my hand tighter. Meanwhile I was loving every second of her ordeal!
    The ultrasound tech was friendly & supportive but by now my imagination was running wild & for some reason I had the idea that she too was enjoying my wife's suffering. She would have known how terribly desperate my wife was & I imagined her her taking great pleasure in making my wife suffer. I imagined her pressing a little harder each time, knowing exactly what it was doing to my wife as she repeatedly took her to the brink of wetting her panties! I was really enjoying watching my wife struggling desperately to control herself as she was taken to her limit!
    Eventually my poor wife couldn't take any more & she begged to be allowed to use the toilet. The ultrasound tech relented & I helped her off the table. She grabbed her trousers & hobbled into the toilet which was en-suite to the examination room. Even with the door closed we could hear her urinating. It was an incredibly powerful stream cascading noisily into the toilet bowl. She was peeing for ages & the sound was a huge turn-on (more evidence of how desperate she'd been to pee & what a terrible ordeal she'd had to endure!). I wondered if the ultrasound tech was also getting off on the sound of my wife urinating!
    When she emerged from the toilet she had put her trousers back on & was looking flushed. We left the hospital & returned home but on the way back she seemed annoyed & embarrased. When we got home she said she was going to shower. As soon as she was in the shower I was in the laundry basket checking out her undies. Her trousers smelt faintly of urine at the crotch but then I found her panties - sure enough, the crotch of her pants was soaking with her urine! She must have lost control at the last second & wet her knickers! This turned me on even more - I especially loved the thought that she'd nearly made it to the toilet but had been unable to hold on & had wet herself at the last minute!
    Does anyone else have any similar stories? I'd especially like to hear from any ladies who have been really desperate during their ultrasound scans or from any of their partners who have witnessed their wife or girlfriend's desperation.
    Look forward to your replies.

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    Thanks for sharing that, midlander. I have spotted it elsewhere and I hope to hear from you sometime.

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    Hi Midlander, and welcome to the site.

    I really enjoyed reading that.

    Just a little word of advice ... when you ask if anyone else has stories they can share, don't be too prescriptive about the content you would like to read. People's wetting stories are what they are ... and if they're prepared to share them, that's a bonus in and of itself!

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