I spotted this recently on another forum and have been allowed, by the gracious permission of the person who devised it, to share it elsewhere.

May is just around the corner, and apparently that's National Masturbation Month?!?! Yup, that's actually a thing! But what a brilliant thing to celebrate! What beats celebrating the finer arts of a good old fashioned rub down!

So let's talk about flicking the bean, polishing the pearl, rubbing that bald man in the canoe, and having a nice date with Rosy Palm and her five friends. Whether you're jerking it or jilling off, this poll applies to you! Yes, I'm talking to YOU! So let's stop playing pocket pinball for just one minute, and answer these 10 simple questions. Then, we can go back to our spanking, whacking, and yanking.

1. How often do you masturbate?
(a) At least once a day
(b) A few times per week - sometimes more, sometimes less
(c) Once or twice a month
(d) Rarely, if ever

2. At what time of day do you usually masturbate?
(a) In the morning before I even leave the bed!
(b) During my morning shower
(c) During the day - at work, school, etc.
(d) As an after work quickie
(e) It's a bedtime ritual

3. Most common location for your solo play?
(a) On the bed
(b) In the shower
(c) In a common area, like the living room
(d) In an office or at school
(e) Other

4. Even if you do many things, what is your favorite/most common go-to method?
(a) Au naturel baby - just my hands
(b) With a toy (vibe, dill, etc.)
(c) With spraying water - shower head, jacuzzi jets, etc.
(d) Rubbing up against an object or myself (pillow, etc.)
(e) other...?

5. With or without lube?
(a) Almost always WITH lube - go big or go home!
(b) I do, but I lube with my own spit
(c) About 50/50
(d) Almost always WITHOUT lube

6. Do you fantasize while masturbating?
(a) Always - it gets me warmed up, and keeps me going
(b) Sometimes, if the mood strikes me
(c) Rarely, if ever...I focus on the feelin'

7. What role does pee have in your masturbation?
(a) Usually an integral part of it.
(b) If it gets me in the mood, then I masturbate.
(c) I masturbate first, and then I have a pee.

8. Do you masturbate while reading this site?
(a) Absolutely! That's kind of the point.
(b) Sometimes I just can't help it!
(c) Rarely, but it does happen from time to time.
(d) No way...I don't mix work and play.

9. Are you usually dressed when you masturbate or not?
(a) Nada, nothing...no clothes for me!
(b) With underwear on, but that's usually it.
(c) Usually dressed in more than just underwear.

10. Do you masturbate totally solo or with someone present?
(a) I often do it with someone else there (friend, roommate, lover, etc.)
(b) Sometimes I'll do it with someone there.
(c) WHAT?!?! Are you kidding? Only alone.

So there you have it. 2...4...6...8. Everybody masturbate!

In summary...it's:
(1) How often?
(2) When?
(3) Where?
(4) How?
(5) Lubed?
(6) Fantasize?
(7_ Have a pee?
( While on this site?
(9) Dressed?
(10) Solo?