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Thread: wetting pants at school

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    Default wetting pants at school

    I've notice many posts concerning this subject, so I figured I'll add my experience. I'm a 30 yr old female. USA.

    I had many accidents in the first years of school. In kindergaten, I remember about 3 time in line waiting to go home and peeing there standing up. I remember all other kids having to walk around my puddle. There was someone always telling my mom who was usually waitng for me and then her coming in.I don't know why, but I always seemed to do this while in line to go home. My mom took me to the doctor, but htere was no medical problem found. I know I was called puddles by the other kids because of one kid's referece to his dog doing that.

    The one I remember most and so embarassing was 1st grade. I sat next to this boy I liked and he lived down the street too. We used to play occasionally and our parents were friends. This day, he was out of class for the AM for some reason. We went to the restroom in the mid morning break. Well for some reason, I had to go again. I believe it was because I had an extra milk because I the the monitor for the week. I raised my hand but the teacher did not notice. We were taking a test and her mind was elsewhere. I felt my panties wet, but I tried to hold longer. I still had my hand in the air and no acknowledgement. All of a suddden I peed. The pee rand down the back of my plastic chair and dripping. The seat next to me was empty because the boy wasn't there. No one noticed me yet. Well the teacher came to getthe tests when she came by me and stepped in the puddle. She looked down at me and said, "Dianna, only babies wet their pants!" I started to cry. She told me to move to the empty seat and she called a janitor. She asked me if I had to finish and I said no. The janitor came and mopped the puddle and I retured to my seat. I had to stay in my wet clothes. My mom was working now. Well in the afternoon, the boy was there. The first thing he noticed was my wet clothes. He asked me what happened. I told him I peed my pants in the morning. He laughed. I told him not to tell my mom, I was hoping I would be dry and she wouldn't notice by the time I went home. (being in 1st, I didn't know better) He said only if I came over his house that night. i said yes. Well the day was over, my clothes somewhat dry, but my panties still wet. The teacher gave me a note for my mom, but i "lost" it on the way home.(before answering machines. no one knew the school called) I got home and asked if I could go over to Denny's house. She said yes and I went. I got there and we were playing something in the yard. His mom came out and asked me if I was OK. I said yes and she told me that Denny told her what happened.I started to cry again. She said don't cry, she would talk to my mom.I guess the school had her number as an emergency and she was home for the call. She let me in their house and she was talking to my mom. My mom came over with clean clothes and I changed. Danny became my best friend because of this. My mom talked to me and she told me that she too had accidents in school. I guess this is why she never really got on my case about it. i hdmany more accidents in elementary school, but this was my most embarassing one.

    Any other womem to share their "early" experiences on the board? It took me a while to get up the nreve. If others share, I will share more of mine.

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    Default wetting pants at school

    A nice story Diana. Thank you for your contribution. I think that most of us who share this special interest in desparation/wetting have
    an event or events in our early formative years that made us interested or caught our attention or whatever. I too was in the first grade in
    public school in NYC when I first became aware of
    desparation as exciting. Wetting accidents were infrequent in my school because most of the older
    more strict teachers had fortunately retired.
    However in first grade we had one of the old strict ones. There was a girl in my class named Susan who I had taken a liking for. She was very pretty with long blonde hair and blue eyes. Susan was also very shy and did not say much, As a result she didn't have a lot of friends. She was also very afraid when we would have to get up in front of the class for ur weekely show and tell
    time. On this one day, we had had recess and the teacher gave us our math lesson. Then it was time for show and tell. I could see that Susan was nervous and fidgeting in her seat in the next
    row behind me but I attrubuted it to her dislike of talking in front of the class. The other kids
    were called upon to give their stories about an exciting event of the past weekend. I had my turn and so did many of the others. A couple of times I glances over at Susan and she was fidgeting even more, crossing her legs under her desk and rocking her leg, folding her hand near her crotch on her pretty yellow sun dress. Still,
    I didn't have a clue about Susan's dilemma. It was only about 15 minutes to go before lunchtime
    when the teacher called on Susan to come up and tell the class her show and tell story. She came up and stood right in front of my first row desk,
    putting some brochures of a place she had visited with her parents over the weekend on my desk. She began to hold them up and talk about them and I could see that she was in trouble. As she stood there, she crossed her legs to squeeze her thighs together and her voice was more tense and nervous than usual. When she actual gave herself
    a feel down there I realized her problem and I hoped that she would be Okay. However, it was not to be Susan's fate to stay dry that day. Within a few moments, she let out little gasp and felt herself as if she had wet her panties a little. She picked up another brochure, held it up and began to talk about it but after a few seconds she lost it. I heard this very distinct
    hissing sound under her yellow sun dress and soon
    as she pushed her hand there a wet spot began to form and grown on it and her pee ran down her legs
    and down from her panties directly to the floor
    forming a large yellow puddle on the light gray tile floor. The hissing alternately was louder and softer as Susan forced it out. The look on her face was one of pure relief but soon turned to embarassment when the kids began to laugh at her. The teacher got mad and told her to go to the girls's room and the janitor was summoned to mop up her puddle. I felt so sorry for her nut excited as well by what I had just seen. When Susan returned her pretty yellow sun dress had a big wet spot on the front. She went back to her seat. Within a few minutes the lunch bell rang and the kids began to laugh and call her wee-wee pants. They gather round about her to taunt her.
    I quickly pushed my way through and took Susan by the hand and led her out of the school and walked home with her to her house still holding her hand.
    She said only "Thank you" as she went in to face her mom. We were friends after this event but unfortunately Susan moved away shortly after so I never did get to talk to her about how much I liked what had hapened. Keep your stories coming!!!

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    Default wetting pants at school

    Hi, yep I remember those days well!!
    Like the first grade, that was a real rain class! I sat next to this one boy who just sat there quietly all the time, and this one morning he just put his head down on the desk and then this stream of pee started running off his chair making a big puddle under his desk. The teacher noticed him with his head down and came over and saw the pee puddle. She was very nice and led him to the boys room and then had him wait for his mother to come and get him and change him. Dang if it wasnt 2 weeks later, he looks at me, holds his crotch and makes another puddle. The teacher was upset this time but helped him out and he didnt wet his pants again all year.
    Then one morning we had this reading lesson. Each kid was to stand up and read a page out of our reader outloud by the desk.
    This girl, Charlotte, got up and started to read, stammered a few times and then stopped reading. Like then she spread her legs out and a deluge of pee hit the floor making a huge huge yellow puddle. She stood there and her pee kept dripping from under her dress and she looked down to see what she had done.
    The teacher again was nice, took her out to girls room, came back, and as her mother was working, make her stand over a hot air register until her pants dried. Id almost swear she was wearing rubber pants that held her pee, and perhaps after a second or third wetting, just burst.
    And again a week later the same spot, same book, reading by the desk must have got her really excited and she could not hold her pee and again she peed a storm. All of us guys were like real interested in this big puddle and where it came from. Again she stood out in the hall until her pants dried.
    There were a few more pants wetting but these were the most profound.
    In the 5 th grade I sat by this one boy who I knew smoked and I think drank his dads beer. But before lunch one day about 25 min to 12 noon, I noticed him squirming a bit, holding a white handkercheif pressing it into his crotch.
    He looked at me, and our eyes met. I think he was in some kind of discomfort.
    Soon I found out, a pitter patter of pee ran off the front of his chair under his legs and the back of the chair. There were two puddles, one runnng down the floor under the desk behind him and one in front that took a course towards my desk! I was like dumfounded and embarassed. The teacher was mzking rounds and came upon the 2 lakes. She said to me, "Donnie, did you have an accident?" I said no, and pointed to Billy across the way. She said something to him and then went about the classwork.
    The bell rang, we all left but Billy just stayed in his seat all wet and dripping.
    After lunch he wzs back at his desk with change of clothes like nothing ever took place. The classmates really didnt know about the peeing unless they were sitting close by.
    Would you know it 2 weeks later he peed his pants again the same way and was looking dead at me I guess to see if I said anything or made a face or something.
    Well that a couple pee stories, theres more, lots more, with this boy and others. Later I might write more if you are interested.. [img]images/smiles/icon_cool.gif[/img] [img]images/smiles/icon_smile.gif[/img]

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    Default wetting pants at school

    I may have told these stories before, but for those who haven't read them, here are my earliest wetting experiences.

    When I was four, I went to kindergarten, the first class in primary school. I wore a little grey uniform, with white socks and patent leather shoes. Saying grace before meals was taken very seriously, and complete silence was required from the children.

    The whole school (ages 4 - 11) had lunch together in the big dining hall. There were long tables, and we would stand in front of our chairs facing the front of the hall while grace was said. One day I was desperate to pee, but had to go straight from class to the dining hall as it was compulsory to attend while grace was being said. I stood in front of my chair and face the headmaster, but I lost control.

    As the teachers stood at the side, and the whole school watched, I suddenly peed in my knickers. It went down my legs and splashed on the floor, and must have done so quite loudly as the headmaster's attention was caught. He stopped saying grace to tell me, "Go to the toilet". Mortified, I shook my head, and grasped myself through my skirt. The whole school stared, and unable to control myself I stood there wetting my knickers.

    My own class teacher saw and came over and pulled me away from the tables and led me out of the room in tears. I made a little trail of wee wee on the way. She gave me clean knickers, and at the end of the day I was taken to the headmaster's office with my mum, who scolded me for being a baby. The incident was treated very gravely.

    I was thoroughly ashamed of myself until the time when my friend had the same experience. Andrea was about five when one day she was called to the front of the class to read for the teacher. As she walked we all noticed that her plastic chair had a puddle in it, that was dripping onto the floor. We told the teacher, who turned Andrea round and saw the big wet stain on her skirt. Andrea began to cry, and also had her knickers changed and her mum called.

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    Default wetting pants at school

    I was unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately!) blessed with both a small and weak bladder, which gave way on me all too regularly in my early school years. I had so many accidents that I cannot remember most! It got to the stage where the school actually requested that I was put back in nappies until I was "properly trained!"

    To be honest though, it was the beginning of my whole interest in wetting. To begin with, it was simply awful bladder control, but once I got to age 7 or so I began to realise that I could have accidents on purpose when it suited me, and my parents would still be sympathetic and tell me it was all ok! This in turn led me to simply using my knickers as a secondary toilet as I started and went through puberty, into the fully grown "little girl" I am now at 22!

    On the subject of school wetting, I was just curious as to the knickers and vest rule. Was this a standard rule across the world? What I mean is that until about age 8, we had a rule at school that if we forgot our sports gear, we had to take part wearing just our vest and knickers. This caught me out a couple of times during my early years, when I'd had accidents but only small ones - enough to wet my underwear but not my skirt, and then consequently found I had left my PE kit at home, so I tried to pretend that nothing was wrong and just went out to play sports in knickers that were obviously soaked in pee. Neadless to say I was swiftly turned back towards the classroom to get a dry pair!

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    Default wetting pants at school


    Please tell us some of your accident and "accident" stories. :-)

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    Default wetting pants at school

    I pissed my pants when I was in the 7th grade where our school was all part of one building with grades from 7 to 12. Some of the teachers taught the big kids and 7th graders and so on. They could be real strict at times after having a class of 11th grader cut ups.
    So this one day after lunch on a hot day most all of the kids drank a good bit of coke or water. This lead to a run on the boys/girls bathrooms and the teacher being testy was refusing to let us go after the first few thinking it was just a ploy to get out of class.
    So I really hadda go bad, and it built up and got worse and worse, my bladder was so full. I put up my hand and got a no before I could even ask. I had put my hand in my crotch holding my willie and trying to keep from wetting my pants.
    After a while watching a few other classmates squirming about I got the urges read bad. I shivered and a little bit of pee escaped into my shorts wetting them a little. I got a feeling of panic and held on tight and no use, a second wave got me and a longer surge of pee escaped.
    I was wearing dark blue JCPenny jeans that had a spot on the groin area now.
    The girl sitting across from me noticed and sorta smiled seeing my problem. Again I asked to be let go to the bathroom and the teacher said "no" a final time "no", wait till the bell in 10 minutes.
    About a minute later my bladder just let go and I totally pissed my pants badly making a huge puddle under my chair that ran across the asile.
    The kid across the asile picked up his feet and said a half out loud, "hey". That got the Attention of the teacher who came back to see what was going on and saw my pee puddle on the floor. His remark was, "you are a young adult and should be able to hold your water"!
    Bell rang I went to the boys room and tried to use paper towels to mop up the best I could. I saw the janitor walk down the hall with a bucket and mop in the meantime.
    I had a wet butt and crotch that felt funny and sorta ichy. I finished peeing in the boys room and went on to science class where again I had to pee after a bit. I sat in the last seat in a row in the rear of the room and I leaked again more pee. Not so bad this time and I held it off till the last class and afterwards made it home to change and clean up. My jeans were soaked and part of my t-shirt and of course my shorts, all yellow and sorta smelly too.
    I was upset about it and next day I found out that another girl and boy peed in class too. After that I felt better not being the only one to have an accident.
    I had 2 more accidents in school and one ona bus.
    anyone interested let me know I take the time to post it.
    [img]images/smiles/icon_razz.gif[/img] [img]images/smiles/icon_razz.gif[/img]

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    Default wetting pants at school

    I have read this site for a while and now think its about time to write so this is a good place to begin, at the beginning.
    I am 43 and English. Wish I knew how old people were in American schools, all we see are 'grades' and that doesn't mean anything to us over here.
    I went to a small private school until age 11 and wet myself quite often. I am a shy person and to add to that the teachers were strict about going to the toilet in breaktimes and not during lessons. I don't recall all my early accidents but distinctly remember one occasion when I was 10. It was summer and I had been so busy playing at morning break that I didn't go for a wee despite really needing to. When the bell went I dashed to the toilet but a prefect stopped me and told me to go straight to my class. The prefects were all the oldest and they were a bit power-mad with younger children. I went to my class and we were doing geography and we all had to gather around a map of Cornwall to look for tin mines on it. I couldn't keep still and had to sort of walk on the spot and put a hand between my legs to stop from wetting my knickers. I put my other hand up to ask to be excused but as it was so soon after break I was refused. Was I desperate! When we went back to our desks I bounced up and down on my chair and the boy who shared my desk, they were 2 seaters, kept looking at me. He was a nice boy called Adrian and asked me if I wanted a wee. Stupid question really, it was so obvious. I nodded and being so youing and innocent I actually raised the hem of my already very short grey uniform skirt with him watching to see if my knickers were wet. I knew I was beginning to lose control and sure enough, my grey knickers had a little wet spot. He looked with great interest! After 15 mins or so I couldnt wait any longer and just burst! I was half standing and trying again to attract the teacher's attention and felt my hot wee run down my legs. My shoes were full of pee and my skirt was wet where I had pressed it between my legs. Some childern laughed but were told off and I was sent to the headmaster's office. I remembver standing there in front of him listening to him telling me off and that I was very naughty. Then I was sent home, which meant a 10 minute walk. Luckily my uncle was there and I could get in and change.
    Soon after, Adrian was in the same situation and that was the first time I remeber feeling somehow excited by it. It was an afternoon and he was holding his willy through his shorts. Not that I knew what a willy looked like then, we were very naive little girls.. He made little grunting noises as he strained to control himself and then I saw in amazement as his grey shorts got dark and his wee trickled off his chair. He cried like a baby and I was very sorry for him but it gave me a strange feeling low down, all warm and I thought at the time it was a bit like needinga wee. I suppose it was early sexual awareness.
    Later at grammar school when I was 13, one day we had a fire drill just before lunch. I had not weed since getting up and was absolutely cross eyed, cross legged and dying to pee. And to do a number 2 unfortunately but thats not my scene. Normally I never weed at school and waited until lunchtime and then the end of the day so I could do it at home. Anyway, this day ( it was winter and freezing) the fire brigade came to assist and give a lecture and it went on into lunchtime. The cold made it worse and 2 other girlfriends were desperte too but not bursting like I was. We still wore mini skirts in those days, even our uniform skirts were barely covering our knickers and the wind went straight up and semed to freeze my crotch. I danced about pretending to get warm but we were told to keep still and quiet and be counted. I was far to shy then to hold myself with boys around and used sheer bladder muscles to keep it in. After a couple of spurts my knicks (non regulation pink!) were soaked and seemed to freeze to me. This made it worse, I was in agony. The first dribbles ran down my legs and I rubbed them together to hide it from view. How I didn't completely pee myself I'll never know and when we were dismissed I hobbled into school for my bag and headed home. It was then I lost it and as I walked I left a trail on the pavement. I looked around and there was a man following me and I knew he knew what was happening. I kept going and turned into my gate and just let go. It was luxury at last and the wrm pee made me feel deliciously sexy. After that I began to do it on purpose at weekends, but I'll leave that as another post when there's time.
    Love reading about school wettings, it takes me back to my earliest feeling and now its exciting me.

    Regards, Katia

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    Default wetting pants at school

    Hi Katia.
    Welcome from us to the board, a wonderful story. Here in the states, we usually have Kintergarden pre school at age 3 to 5. Ya, some of the little ones run around, its like a nursery where the "teachers" change diapers and pants and still try to teach some ABC's and colors.
    At age 6 is the first year of elementry or grammar school and the grades run to 6 there. So by the time you are in 6th grade you are into puberty and and the likes. Here at home, the 7th grade starts a Junior High school at age 12 or 13 and you attend this school until grade 10. By then you are 15 and attend a regular High School and graduate at 17 or 18 depending on birthdays.
    At one time you went to the High School at 7th grade but here at home they built a middle school and so they split the ages.
    Long ago it was more disipline in the classroom and taking a bathroom break other than recess was frowned upon. Teachers didnt like to be disturbed from the lessons you were missing and often would say no, resulting in wet pants quite often.
    Today at our schools they have restrooms for boys and girls and in the elementry grades ( a new school) they have a toilet in the room. The door is open and you can go anytime you need to.
    In the higher grades usually the teacher will let you go or might hold you off for a minute or so.Its unlikley one might pee their pants today in Jr High or Sr. High. If a kid is refused and has an accident they know the parents will be at the school and in some cases file charges of abuse same as if they were paddled. (thats not allowed anymore)
    Things have gotten more senseable, and accidents happen now usually becaue the kid misjudged or waited and didnt ask to go.
    I know my own family member came home one day from school walking (we live a block from the school) and hadda go bad and wet her pants on the way home.
    The boys/girls rooms in school are usually very clean and inspected all the time. No smoking or loafing is allowed. If word gets out there is a problem then there is a monitor in the bathooms and dont allow any horseplay or smoking or drugs.
    Even an asprin now has to be given by a school nurse so there is no chance of any drugs around.
    Yes, the stories you see are usually from a few years back, the Catholic schools and nuns being #1 on the list for accidents followed by the lower grades in elementry school.
    What would be most interesting is some stories written by those who wet their pants and had accidents recently and how it happened.
    At the age or 11, 12 and up in a classroom of young students a accident will bring up sexual feelings sometime. I know it happened to me when I was in school, I would be aroused when a classmate lost it. Maybe thats why Im here and with all of you that are into wetting.
    Thanks for a nice story.

    PS: I once attended a one room school with grades from 1 to 7 taught by one teacher. She had her hands full of couse and going on a potty break was not allowed and there were lots of pee dances I can remember and accidents. Whatta time!!

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    Default wetting pants at school

    What would you like to hear about? Individual accidents? I have a large collection in the memory bank at a large number of locations - school being the scene for many, and school trips too.


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