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Thread: Starting wetting my panties for fun

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    Default Starting wetting my panties for fun

    Dear everybody,

    I am enjoying reading all the stories here and it such fun reading about all the people that have exciting accidents or just do wee-wees in their knickers and underpants for fun. I like best about the other ladies because it makes me feel the same as when I’ve sometimes wet my panties and tights because I couldn’t wait, which I haven’t done very often, or even just had little accidents in my panties, and I’ve often wondered why it made me feel excited and I had to pet myself in bed that night thinking about it. I love hearing about Holly having accidents and the others and I do like hearing about the men that wet their underpants also, I know some people don’t but it always makes me feel funny if ever I see a man doing that has done it and I think of the wee-wee coming out of his thing inside his trousers. I also like hearing about people who peed their pants at school, I did quite a lot and so did some of my friends and once a teacher, so I will tell you sometime, I’ve not done it much since, until the times I told you about. But till I read what people wrote here I never thought it would be fun just letting go into your panties, but it is, just as exciting as having an accident and not as embarrassing because nobody knows, or if you don’t want them to know you are doing it when you can’t help it and don’t want to like in a friend’s house.

    So I’ll tell you first about doing it when nobody knows and another time about when I let somebody see, which I’ve only done a few times since I started wee-weeing myself on purpose, it felt really naughty and exciting but so is just letting it happen secretly and I’ll tell you about that first. The first time after I wet my panties at my friend’s and found out about doing it on purpose I saved up the wee-wee by not going for a time and went out into the garden later and wee-weed my panties and tights and it was lovely. Well I did it again in the garden the next day only this time when I was just going to do it I held my legs together, sort of crossed them, and it ran all down the front and my knees, and my tights were wet all the way down. Also I told you I had got some thicker panties than I usually wear and put two pairs on and they sopped up the wee-wee quite a bit so I felt lovely and wet. And you know what, I did go straight up and change them, and walk about in them, it felt ever so funny, and went back into he house, and I sat down and read the paper and started to feel I needed to go again, and I got up and went out into the kitchen and wet myself on the kitchen floor. It was a lovely feeling again too. I did go up then and change my panties and tights, but I washed myself first and then lay on the bed and stroked myself and came. My husband was out all that day, it was at the week-end, so he never knew or guessed.

    The next few days I was at work and then the week-end came. On Saturday I had to do a morning three hours in the library where I work. The because I was down town I did my shopping before I went home. And then I realised I needed the ladies and thought to myself, what if I do it my panties. I’d finished the shopping and there wasn’t too much, I had a trolley with me, so what I did was walk around the other shops looking at things. And I was by myself and soon I needed a wee-wee quite a lot and I stood looking at one shop window and there was nobody coming and I put my legs apart and let some squirt into my panties. It did feel nice and I said to myself, “There Stella, you just wet yourself in the street” And I looked at my feet and there was a little puddle between them, and I walked off quickly. And then I wanted to cross the road and I stood at the crossing waiting and I did some more. This time it splashed a bit on my shoes and the lights turned green and I crossed and was still doing it, it was running down my legs as I walked along. And I went into a big department store and went to the undies department where I got my new panties and I thought about how wet they were and I bought another couple of pairs and while I was waiting at the paying place, there wasn’t anybody much about, I wee-weed some more and wet the carpet. Of course the girl being couldn’t see and I just walked away. And then I went for the bus and I widdled a little more into my panties before it came. And on the way home off the bus I was all by myself at the bottom of our road and I just let go and weed all that was left into my panties, it wet all my panties and the legs of my tights but I didn’t mind, I loved it. And I went up stairs and had a bath and played and played with myself and thought about wetting myself and it was really nice.

    Well this is how I started doing wee-wees in my panties for fun and I love reading here about people doing it deliberately as well as having accidents and I hope you like reading about me.



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    Default Starting wetting my panties for fun

    You bet, Stella! It's a pity you don't live in the same road as me....(or perhaps you do!!)
    Please tell us're a real turn-on!

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    Default Starting wetting my panties for fun

    Great stuff, Stella! Reading that was a real turn-on. Cheers!

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    Default Starting wetting my panties for fun

    Wow, that was great. I've done the same thing, but being a guy, their is a greater risk of folks seeing my wet pants. I wear dark blue or black colored pants with 3 or 4 pairs of jocky underpants under my pants. (Now this takes some practice) While walking, spirt and dribble and let the underwear soak it up. The hard part is walking normal. Go about your normal shopping routine with out making it look like your peeing your pants. After about a half hour your underpants are soaked from the waist band to the crotch and I can't describe the great feeling. The secret is walk and stand normally. If you spread you legs or grab you crotch you've drawn attention to what your doing. (Peeing) I've done this hundreds of times and people just done notice if everthing you do appears "normal". The only time I think someone noticed I my underwear was soaking wet but my pants were'nt. I bent over to look at a lawn mower in Sears, and the compression of bending forced some pee down my legs and onto my street (black) pants.
    Please stay wet and happy.

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    Default Starting wetting my panties for fun


    Nice post, and I really wish I could be so brave and do what you did....but reading about it is nice to [img]images/smiles/icon_smile.gif[/img]


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    Default Starting wetting my panties for fun

    Hi Stella
    You sound very much like me as i love wetting my knickers and tights in public.I wee in supermarkets a lot and like you in department stores,i recently weed in the underwear department in marks&spencer.Keep posting and wee weeing yourself

    love Sue

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