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Thread: spanked until peed on yourself

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    any girls been spanked so hard they peed all over themselves , and cried like a little girl

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    Default spanked until peed on yourself

    Hi, yes I have often been spanked until i wet myself. My friend used to talk about spanking reasonably often. Looking back clearly she was eager to do it and was gauging my reaction. She'd say things like, "oh, i should give you a spanking for that you bad girl," and "you want it (a spanking) i know you want it." And she used to swat my butt a fair bit. I sort of noticed but never really thought anything much about it. I used to tease her a bit and stick my ass out like i was going to get a spanking and she'd swat it. I guess i must have like it 'cause i kept doing it, more and more in fact. One day when i did it she sat down on her bed and pulled me over her lap as she did. I didn't try to get up I just lay there. She pulled my school skirt up and ran her hand over my ass a few times. I remember being very excited and i didn't protest. She pulled my panties down to my knees and i just lay across her lap with my bare ass out waiting for her to spank me. We weren't talking, she was just caressing and feeling up my ass and legs. Then without warning her hand came down hard on my bare ass with a crack. I was surprised but I liked it and i lay waiting for more. She didn't do it too hard at first but by maybe the tenth one she as doing it really hard. I could feel my ass burning and it was hurting. She spanked me for maybe five minutes then told me to be a good girl. I think after that we went to the kitch for a drink or something. She asked how my ass was and i told her it was sore. I remember she said, "good".

    Next time i was over she sat on her bed again and told me to "assume the possition". I did what she said and received another spanking. More and more we'd go over to her house after school and she'd spank me. She started making me take off my clothes and she'd spank me in my bra and panties. Eventually they went too. She'd make me undress in front of her and lay over her lap naked. And she started using a rular or hairbrush etc. and spanking me until my ass was glowing red and i was in agony. She got good at holding my arm behind my back so it was difficult for me to move. As the spankings got more sever she also started fingering my pussy as she spanked me. I started having huge orgasms on her lap as she spanked and played with me.

    One day I was bursting to go pee when we got to her place but she wouldn't allow me to go. I was begging and pleading but she wouldn't allow it. I had to be spanked first. As usual i took off all my clothes and lay over her lap begging her to make it quick so I could go pee. She took her time, spanking me very hard but very slow. Clearly she loved controling me this way. I kept telling her to let me go, that I was going to pee myself. She enjoyed my torment too much to let me go, I think she wanted me to pee myself. I tried to hold it but i just couldn't and after about 15 minutes (I think) I couldn't hold it anymore. I started peeing myself, all over her lap. I broke away from her and hobbled to the bathroom peeing myself as i went. She came and watched me as i sat on the toilet. I was so embarassed, I felt so humiliated at what I'd done.

    After that she often put a towel over her lap and spanked me until I peed myself. Or sometimes she makes me stand in the tub in her bathroom and pee standing up while she watches me. This has started leading to us masturbating each other or while the other watches, and even oral sex sometimes now.

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    Default spanked until peed on yourself

    Tracy, that is the sexiest story I have ever heard in my life! Damn! What a sexy girl.

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