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Thread: male desperation story for all you ladies

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    Default male desperation story for all you ladies

    “Dammit I need a godamn bathroom!” Adam muttered to himself as he strolled the busy streets of London. His need was not too urgent but he had a press conference in the next twenty minutes and he didn’t like the prospect of having to wait. Being an American movie star he didn’t know the streets of London very well and had to get his map out every 10 seconds to work out where he was.

    Eventually Adam came to some toilets.

    “At fucking last,” he sighed. He relaxed a little, but then tightened his sphincter again as he felt the his pee move from his bulging bladder and start to make its way down towards his cock. Startled, Adam grabbed his penis and gave it a very quick squeeze before paying some money into the slot at the turnstile and moving towards the toilets.

    Adam’s need was growing a bit now, and he started sweating. The bottom of his stomach was rock hard and it took all his strength to hold back the flow of pee that he was so desperate to release. Unfortunately, there was a slight queue to the toilets so Adam had to wait. The need to go was pretty urgent now and he was dying to let go of his torrent of pee. He legs started to shiver, so he wrapped his long black coat round his body and slid his hands into his boxer shorts and gave his poor shuddering little cock a quick squeeze. Adam sighed in relief as a wave of relief flowed over him.

    His relief was short-lived though as he felt a tap on his shoulder.

    “Oh my god!” came the voice of a pretty young blonde. “You’re Adam Martinez, right!?”

    Adam gave a stifled nod. “Yup,” he said rather bluntly, reluctantanly removing his clasped fingers from his penis, which was now holding back so much liquid he though he would burst.

    The girl looked down at Adam’s crotch and raised an eyebrow. Adam blushed violently. “Uhh…you don’t suppose I could have an autograph could you?” she asked, smiling sweetly.

    Adam weakly smiled back, bobbing up and down. The girl handed him a pen and giggled at Adam’s shaky handwriting.

    “Here you go,” Adam smiled.

    There was no no-one in front of Adam in the queue and the young man sighed with relief. This sudden bout of relief seemed to put more pressure on his bladder though and he had to quickly grab at his cock to stop it from releasing all his pee.

    The girl, whose name was Leanne, noticed this and giggled again, “Hey…errr…you ok there?”

    Adam couldn’t move. He was so afraid he would pee his pants in front of his gorgeous fan. He wished she would go so he could dash to the toilet and release his bulging bladder. He put his hands on his cock and briefly jiggled it nervously. He didn’t care that she could see.

    Leanne was secretly enjoying Adam’s predicament and rushed up to him to give him a hug, cruelly knowing this would delay the poor man’s relief. She wrapped her arms around his neck and stuck her leg into the bottom of his stomach, and rubbing her knee gently on his dick.

    Adam jerked away and grabbed himself, “Oh no…god please don’t do that!” he shouted, then, realising he was now free to go to the toilet he ran off in the direction of the men’s and barged through the door.

    Once inside he unzipped his flies and leaped into a cubicle. He had just unzipped his quivering little cock from his pants and could feel the hot pee pressing at the end of his penis, ready to spurt out, when there was a knock at the door of the cubicle.

    “Mr. Martinez I saw you go in there. This is a messenger from the conference, it is about to start so you have to come out of that toilet now!”

    Adam was mortified. He knew that if he peed now he would have nothing to worry about…but it was likely that the flow would last for at least 3 minutes as it often did when he was this desperate. He decided the conference was more important and so stuffed his soft pee filled penis back into his trousers, giving it a long squeeze before he did so which made the pee push against his bladder and gave him a pleasurable tingle. He could hold it for another ten minutes or so as he doubted the conference would be very long.

    Once at the conference Adam was still very much desperate. The bottom of his stomach was still rock hard and every step jerked his bulging bladder which was torture for him. He hobbled up the steps on to the platform and sat down. This made the situation slightly more bearable and as he was sitting behind a solid barrier he was free to squeeze his penis as much as he liked.

    Ten minutes passed and Adam was wriggling violently in his seat. All he could think about was getting to a toilet. He knew he would never make it at this rate. A glass of water had been poured in front of him for him to drink and the sound of the trickling water had made him lose control for a moment and some of his burning hot pee and spurted into his pants. However, his cock was now fimly wedged between his legs and he had a finger over his pee hole…which unfortunately for Adam was his only available method of control. He let another couple of spurts into his pants and his face burned bright red.

    Eventually, the press conference finished and Adam was allowed to stand up so they could take pictures. The poor man clasped his hands in front of his crotch but to his dismay this could not hide the ever growing wet patch now forming on his trousers. The whole room went silent and the only noise to be heard was a loud hissing noise as a huge torrent of yellow piss escaped from Adam’s bulging bladder through his trembling little penis. His trousers were soaked and no-one knew what to say as Adam gasped at his feeling of relief and the wave of pleasure. It felt like an orgasm to him.

    Adam was left standing a huge puddle of his own pee and felt tears pricking in his eyes as he felt his cock actually ride from the excitement. How humiliating…

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    Default male desperation story for all you ladies

    EXCELLENT story! I absolutely love male desperation, especially when it is unintentional.

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    Default male desperation story for all you ladies

    Thanks a lot! I think I may have read some of your stories on a different site, they were fantastic [img]images/smiles/icon_smile.gif[/img]

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    Default male desperation story for all you ladies

    wooow, that was a great story.


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    Default male desperation story for all you ladies

    Wow, great story.
    Do you have more???

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    Default male desperation story for all you ladies

    Thanks! I'm afraid that is my first and only story so far, although I may attempt to write more ...

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    Default male desperation story for all you ladies


    Cool story, thanks for posting [img]images/smiles/icon_smile.gif[/img]


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