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Thread: Mature desperation & wetting

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    Default Mature desperation & wetting

    I have been a watersports fan for some time, but this is my first post. I am looking for help in finding sites featuring mature women (40-60 age group) in desperate situations and having wet accidents.
    I enjoy the many sites featurung wetting, but most of the women are quite young and wear the minimum of underwear, usually just skanty panties or thongs. Mature women, on the other hand, have a wider variety of clothing to choose from, such as maxi briefs, pantie girdles, high waist girdles and pantie corselettes. These lattter garments mmust cause great problems, especially those with the hook & eye fastening gusset. Imagine the wearer trying to sqeeze their thighs together to hold in their wee, but at the same time having to open their legs to release the fastenings. All this having first had to get skirt, knickers and tights out of the way! I'll bet they cause a few accidents.
    Young women caught short on the way home from the pub or club, if wearing a skirt, can just nip into an alleyway, pull aside thier thong amd let go. Even if an accident does happen, there is very little to get wet. More mature women wishing to look sexy for an evening out, will invariably have more to deal with in the way of clothing. It is not so easy to raise a tight skirt, drop knickers and tights and squat in a dark alley, especially if the knickers are high waisted or a pantie girdle is inviolved. I wonder how many women give up the struggle and comprehensively wet themselves. Perhaps some of the more experienced ladies can enlighten us.

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    BINGO ! if anyone can help BRING IT ON !!!! mmmmm

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    Hi Soggy and Pissskirtfan,

    Well I'm in the right age group, but sorry to disillusion you: most women my age group wear the same underwear as our younger sisters - even our daughters. Pantie girdles and pantie corselettes are strictly for the over 80's and TV's. I do wear full-cut cotton briefs if I plan to enjoy a long-drawn out session wetting myself ( I love that wet-between -the-legs feeling), but if I want to be sexy like now it's a thong which has my husband champing at the bit.

    Mind you, I do have major problems with stuck zips, hookk and eyes and odd inside-out button fastenings on smart trousers. PM for more details!

    Susy X

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    I also quite like the idea of the maturer lady (40 to 60 or so) being taken short and needing to go - especially if she hasn't 'been' when she should have done. Probably it's got something to do with her being easily old enough to know better (and not usually be indisposed by the side effects of pregnancy etc) but not to have reached the age at which accidents again become a likely possibility.

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    To Mature Women: How does the reactions of people to your desperations and wettings differ then when you were younger?

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    what do u mean please explaine

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    Default Mature Desperation

    Yes, I find it exciting too. I remember being at the home of a school friend when I was in my early teens, and his mum (mid 40s) came hobbling up the path to the house nearly weeing her knickers. I came in my pants watching!

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    Default Mature and not so mature

    I agree with you Susanna. We mature women do not necessarily wear different underwear to younger. Why do you think my daughters can never find their kinickers/thongs.

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    Default Mature women

    I couldn't agree more about the comments made by older women. In my experience these days older women wear just as sexy and erotic knickers as younger ones. However, as an older male, I find the thought of women of my generation deliberately wetting their knickers completely mind-blowing. I have known a good number of 50+ ladies who have wet their pants, whether deliberately or not I don't know, but when I have discovered a mature lady who wears and wets sexy underwear-WOW!

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    Like Soggy 1, I prefer "Big" knickers as there is a bigger surface area to wet. One of the sexiest things I've ever seen was when the mother of an ex girlfriend of mine came home from a night out with her husband and promtly fell over drunk. Her skirt rode up completely exposing her ample backside encased in these buitifull pure white satin knickers under her tan tights. She then proceeded to get a fit of the giggles and as we all tried to help her to her feet, she totally pissed herself all over the living room carpet!

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