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Thread: Skirt peeing

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    Dave Holt Guest

    Default Skirt peeing

    I am absolutely fascinated by women wearing straight skirts. Nay I am more fascinated by women wearing tight skirts. Not mini skirts but skirts that are knee or below length.

    A woman in a tight skirt in desperate need of a bathroom is one of my favorite fantasies. Unfortunately, I have never witnessed such a scenario.

    Letís consider the situation: she cannot possibly hold herself as the skirt is too tight for her to jam her hand into her crotch. For this reason the urge to pee is multiplied to the nth degree. She is left with only prancing and fidgeting in an effort to hold her water.

    Assuming that she is dressed in a skirt only because she is supposed to be in a dignified position the fidgeting and prancing must be suppressed when others are present. Consequently, a woman dressed in a tight skirt in public with a severe need to pee is in a very bad situation. Most of her means of holding have been denied to her because of public protocol.

    But, I can fantasize about a woman in a suit with tight skirt out in public with an overwhelming urge to pee. She cannot grab herself nor can she prance and dance around although all of these options are available if she deems her desperation sufficient to not give a damn who sees her striving to stay dry.

    About all she has left is to bend over a bit and cross her legs tightly. This posture I have seen on many occasions but I wasnít able to see the culmination of her dilemma. Does anyone have anything to offer in keeping with this scenario? Would you post them?



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    yknarc Guest

    Default Hi Gusher

    Hi Gusher

    My response is long, and a bit off track, but I thought I would share a bit. And, I do think your kind of skirt sound's exciting to have an accident in.

    As a female I am turned on by wetting in a loose mini-skirt. I alway's wanted to hold until I was starting to lose alot of control, and then go somewhere outside, like to the mailbox, and when I started to pee, just spread my leg's and have a clean stream splash on the pavement.

    I did try to hold in a loose mini-skirt once, and had planned to go shopping, and get myself very, very deparate, and then be able to get to my car, and try and hold it, but made it so I would likely be unable to hold until I got home. But I ended up starting to go pee before I got to my car, and instead of spreading my leg's apart, I was in absolute panic of starting to wet in public, and I tried to stop, but was really starting to go and couldn't get control, so my instinct was to hold myself, and crouch, which I did, and peed a stream through my skirt. I don't know if you remember reading about the incident.

    I think that it's natural for women to grab themselve's first, and crouch sometime's when they start really wetting themselve's, I know I did twice. The instinct is there, even if they have already started wetting there pant's anyway in full-stream, and can't stop, the desparation alway's make's you try to grab yourself, and bend when you can't stop peeing. The tight skirt is totally frustrating in that you can't hold yourself at all, and if you start getting damp, you can almost not sit without it going through that type of material. Sitting make's access to holding even harder, because these skirts are too long, and not enough give.
    And, if your faced with dealing with people, and need to be professional, you can take a whole bunch off your ability to hold.

    I think that if it got bad enough to start having an accident, I would wind up, crouched down, and wetting a full stream through the back of the skirt, and making a puddle.

    I have never been able to get up the nerve again to hold that long in public, as the shopping time, as I wet in the parking lot, and I am waaaaay too shy for that again, and I am not an extravert, as it would sound. I just really lost control before I had planned too, and it took me along time to build up enough nerve to try that in the first place. I had just been getting very turned on holding while I was shopping, and really, really needing to pee, to the point of having a hard time standing still on several occasions before that. But, I never brought myself to holding like at home, and wanted to try that.

    But that is way off topic from what your talking about....I see what you mean with the tight business skirt idea. You can't hold yourself, and your really in trouble if you become desparate, at best you can bend a bit with your leg's pressed, or maybe cross your leg's, but not much more.

    Well, at my other job, Art Gallery, Office, I worked by myself pretty much in my own area, and office, although it was an open concept, so not total privacy. But, I was going through a period of getting extremely turned on by wetting again, as it seem's to go in spurt's for me (pardon the pun)

    But, I was actually was thinking that I might me starting to get out-of-control with my fetish, I was turned on so much, all the time, no matter what I was doing. And I was taking it everywhere, constantly aroused, and playing game's with myself.

    I started to hold myself to very desparate, and very figity, almost unable to stand still, then have to meet with somebody, and maintain full composer. I lost control and peed a stream once while talking to somebody. There was this one area that had a desk with a high front on it, about elbow level, and the desk itself behind was lower, and I was talking to someone over the top of the desk, but it was going on and on, and I was starting to lose control, when I had peed that stream, so I had to jam my front into the desk top, so it would hold me from wetting that time, and it was slightly damp after where I had did that, I seen the gleen on the surface of the wood, and of course I was a bit wet. I would also delibrately relax my muscle's sometime's when I had to go pretty bad, and not allow myself to hold anymore than that level, and the pressure to pee would build and build, until it caused me to spurt pee sometime's. I would Go walking in the Gallery, and spread my leg's and let go of the hold, and pee enough to start dripping on the carpet. And, when I had the opportunity sometime's where I knew it was quiet, and little chance of getting caught, I let it get really, really bad, and then sometime's I would bend down and crouch at the filing cabinet or somewhere, and relax my muscle's a bit, just barely enough to hold it, and maintain it right at that level, and no more, then make myself count in my mind to '20 say' before I would allow myself to regain a stronger hold, even if I started wetting, and inevitable I would start to wet my pant's and could hear the hissing and gushing sound start, then I would have to stop myself in time though not to have it become noticeable.

    Well, there I did have to dress well, Corporate style clothing, often. It is hard to hold in that, and did do some of my pee playing in such a skirt, I had a hard time to stop from wetting in one like that once, with my filing cabinet thing.

    I think all this play, although I was very careful, was so exciting, because of the environment, and that it was a bit dangerous, where people could pop up when I am nearly wetting, but yet I still had alot of control in the environment to be able to play without getting caught.

    And the formality of everything. I remember once, in a business suit, with a tight lined grey skirt, I had to go into a Formal Meeting right away, that was called in early and there wasn't really any time. Well, unfortunately, or fortunately for me, I needed to go bad when it began, because I had made myself that way not expecting the Meeting then. But, I thought that I would be alright, as I didn't expect it to go on long, but it was an hour, and I couldn't hold myself in that outfit. I ended up excusing myself from the Meeting with about five minute's left to go, making some other excuse to dash out, but truthfully I was in panic that I couldn't hold it, and I was afraid I would start wetting.

    But, when I went to the washroom, I was so turned on by the desparation, I felt the dampness from how bad I had to go in my pantie's and felt the feel of the pantyhose, that I just instead spread my leg's, and pushed both arm's up over my head really high, which make's it extremely hard to hold for some reason, and stood ridgid and still, until it made me start spasming and Peeing. It didn't take that long standing still before wetting. I didn't completely wet myself I just stopped myself, before a major accident, and masturbated. Then, I allowed myself to Pee a very tiny bit out in the toilet, maybe a half a cup or less, at most, just so I wouldn't wet myself (I was desparate), because peeing a bit sometime's make's the urge stronger faster, but I continued to hold the rest of my Pee, and left back to the Meeting, I knew wouldn't be that long left to it, or I would be in trouble.

    But I should try to play with this type of skirt idea again, it does sound exiting talking about it. The part of not being able to hold yourself, and do anything about it.

    The only problem is, that you can't do anything about it.

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    Thanks for sharing your experiences with us, and of course I remember your previous post - it was great! Please let us know how you get on with the tight skirt scenario, you always tell it so well!

    Gusher - I admit to liking just the sort of desperation you describe, although it doesn't have to be a tight skirt, just a woman absolutely frantic to go, but trying not to show it, which for most of us is the most common sort of desperation that we would encounter.

    A while ago I posted my account of my wifes hold-it session in public, which followed that same theme - if you do a search you should find it on this board, you might like it.


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    Dave Holt Guest

    Default Tight skirt pee

    Thanks Sherry and Druss. While reading this board I had concluded that there was no one today who had seen a desperate woman wearing a tight skirt nor experienced the same.

    A special thanks to Sherry for sharing her experiences even though she doesn't constantly wear tight skirts. With her other experiences in mind I think I know why.


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    somebodydave Guest

    Default A photoset would be nice.

    I like seeing a girl wet her skirt just like the next guy. I have noticed though, in almost all of the skirt wetting photosets, the girtls lift their skirts. This is sexy, but it would be interesting if maybe a girl wet a knee length skirt or one of those long 80's pencil skirts. To see the wetness soak through the skirt and fall from underneath it is more realistic, as any girl who has a real wetting accident wouldn't have the time to lift her skirt. she would be half way through peeing and too shocked to even think about lifting her skirt. Sitting or standing, it doesn't matter. If she is wearing dark stockings or pantyhose underneath it would be great too. Afterwords, she would rub herself over her skirt and spread the wetness a bit more.
    How many more people would like to see this? maybe sky could make a video and photoset on this scenario if enough people are interested.

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    Default Classic story from the old Deskfish forum

    This is from sweet and much-missed Michelle.

    Subject: Re: wetting pantyhose
    From: Michelle (Forum User)
    Date: Monday, 17-Jun-96 22:14:04 JST

    I've wet in most outfits. Prefer peeing as sexual foreplay, but if I have to go, I go. Not into bladder rupture. Most spectacular was at a very stuffed-shirt do. I have a distant relative in the Council Corps (old guy, but sweet) and I partnered him at a diplomatic `do'. I had a very tight, long gown, slightly see-thru, with matching ph and no other undies. Wouldn't have had room for any - this gown was so tight I literaly got sewn into it. So, apparently rushing for the john in the middle of a conversation with an Ambassador ain't on, and diplomats and their ladies have iron bladders. Not me. Eventually I gave up the uneven struggle, backed into a quiet corner and let go. Diplomats are wonderful. Not by a single gesture or expression did anyone remark on what I'd done - the stain was real obvious - although I noticed I got the limo with the leather seats to take me home. Also my relative gave me a present of a real sweet gown with a wide, long skirt.

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    Peeebody Guest


    I really did like these tougths about wearing non-mini skirts and pee in them AND getting the skirt wet. What about the idea of women in straight uniform skirt like military, tram or bus operator etc. I often read that military personel has problems when participating in big parades where they have to stand for sometimes very long time more or less at attention. Facinating tought.
    I liked the long skirt solution in the diplomatic circles, this should realy be how such "incidents" should be handled, and they even tougth og taking her home in the limmo with the leather seats!!

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    Dave Holt Guest



    Interesting you should bring up uniform skirts in this thread. A friend of mine had a girl friend who was a toll booth attendent. She became desperate when her relief was late and tried to pee in the wastebasket they had in the tool booth. She intended to straddle the wastecan and pee through her panties. She wasn't wearing pantyhose, just hose and garter belt.

    Just as she got herself in position a line of traffic pulled up and flustered and out of control she not only peed down the front of her A-line center pleated skirt but she kicked the can over onto her shoes after she peed in it. It was the type of story where you either had to be there or heard it from the boy friend who picked her up and wondered why the front of her skirt was so wet.

    She tearfully told the story to him in detail and when he told it to me I laughed so hard I almost wet my pants.

    I have fantasized often about women in uniform in desperation. Usually they are not the type to lose it and that makes the fantasy so much more intriguing.


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    paco Guest


    On a Skymouse webcam show awhile back, the model (Samantha) wet in a skirt that was knee-length or a tad shorter. There was a lovely wet patch on the back of the skirt. One of my favorite sightings on a webcam to date.

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    Peeebody Guest


    Gusher, this story was great. I would realy have loved to see her peeing her skirt. Oh, great, but that also reminds me of a girl I once knew (we have lost contact for many years ago as she moved away) who told me she had peed herself twice in uniform. She was working as a tram conductress and later as a driver in the 1960s- and 70s and I have told some of it eralier on this board. Her uniform consisted of shirt and tie, jacket, skirt and and cap. In winther she would aslo wear a coat which made her look rather authoritive.
    Early in her career she used to wear her skirts very short as it was supposed to be covering the knees when you were standing and as she saw herself as quite a hell-girl she deciced to were them short.
    The first time she wet herself in that outfit was as a conductress on an old tram-trailer with open ends. The background for this wetting was that the toilet at the terminal suddenly was out of order, in fact they were reparing the thing when she arrived to take a pee. She had to leave without peeing and as she was "in trouble" before the terminal and on the way back she could no longer hold on. Luckily she was alone at the rear plattform her only passengers was sitting inside in conversation, and she peed her panties at her station. She discovered to her great relife that her skirt, or the outer fabric of it,m was not wet, only a little on the inner lining and as long as she did not sit down it would not show. She thus discreetly dumped her panties and did the rest of her shift bare-assed under her short skirt! She told me this was ok as she had to stand up anyway, but she did defenitely not feel very comfortable altough it was, she admitted, very exiting!
    The second time she was driving. This was during winther some years later later. Due to some misshapp her tram was ordered to turn short at a down-town emergency loop (the trams of this type was uni-directional and had to be turned). This was, she told me, rather unconvinient as she was "in need". She had already missed on loo as she did not want to be late running. The new situation however, came sudden, and she had no choice to get to it anywhere. In additon the misshap made trams queeing up which also took time and when she reached the switch to the loop-track, the remote-controll system which would make her shift it from the car malfunctioned and she had to go out to set it with a bar. This was not heavy, it was more technique, but she got the first drops into her panties.
    As it was winther she was wearing high booths as was the fashion and pantyhose as well as her coat . She got back in and took of for "home" with a car full to capacity. She did not manage to hold on and thus peed herself when driving. Anyway, no one on board figured that out . She was sitting at the driver seat which was rather cramped so no-one really could see under her. The front of her skirt stayed dry but she was realy wet behind. As she was sitting down the pee did not floow her pantyhose lge sinto her booths, luckily enough, but flowed out between her legs and onto the floor as it seeped through her panty, pantyhose and into her skirt.
    As it was winter and snow the floor of the tram was very wet and dirty so no one could tell pee from whatever else there was on it an wetting it.
    Well she did her trip which was her last that day, and paked her. The seat was leather-covered so she only had to wipe it with some paper to "cover up" and go home. She did not wear her coat when sitting and driving and this covered her wet skirt on her way home.
    I donīt think she was into wetting, but I surely would have liked to vitness this.

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