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Thread: Girlfriend desperate to pee

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    In my experience crotch holding is rare, at least in public, but pee-dancing is very common. But then I work shifts in an office that overlooks a city centre bus station and occasional taxi pick-up area. In fact I would say that after about 11pm on Friday ans Saturday nights in a town centre you would not have to wait long to see various stages of pee dance. The most frequent would seem to be one or two women in a group. The larger the group, the more likely it is to contain a pee-dancer, not just because of the law of averages, but because the group is less likely to do what a minority want, and if that minority want to pee and the others dont...well...tough. There does seem to be a bias towards mixed groups, because the women are torn between being chatted up and emtying their bladder, and if they fancy one of the blokes then the bladder takes second place until absolutely necessary. So the pee dancing becomes more and more exagerrated.
    I have seen very isolated crotch holding incidents which I have posted on here, but there are quite a few times where pee-dancing women seem to suddenly realise their hand is drifting in that direction almost involuntarily and move it away again.
    The interesting thing for me is that all this public stuff was quite erotic a few years back, until I found Skys video clips, and webcam highlights, but now it all seems rather tedious, because at least on this site I know the models have full bladders and within a few minutes I can witness just how full they were. Nowadays, the pee-dancers in the street are tame by comparison.
    My blood pressure is SKY high.

    (I really have eaten all the pies)

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    Default Re: Girlfriend desperate to pee

    Quote Originally Posted by Splash
    I offered to help her hold it, and with that proceded to apply a good amount of pressure with my hand between her legs. Well instead of my expected reaction, she grabbed my hand and pulled it away saying, "no you can't do that it makes it worse." I would love for some females here to comment on her remark???
    I'm not female but an ex girlfriend of mine was bursting about 16 yrs ago and we were at a lovers lane sort of area, she was 18 yrs old and we had just been out to a pub before parking up and then having sex, afterwards she said she was ''dying to go'' so i proceeded to rub her pants while kissing and she pushed my hand away saying ''ooooooh don't, honestly i'll wet myself'' i thought wow it's making her want to pee, so i asked her to do a little bit and then she said ''i can't because oncce i start i won't be able to stop'' unfortunately i had to take her home after trying
    A bit later on in the relationship i kept asking her to pee her pants etc, but this led to the end of me & her, but she was gorgeous 5' 8'' mousy/blonde hair and a great size 12 curvy figure

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    In my experience, I have really never seen a full accident with mature woman. But the desperation scenes are not very rarely. Especially at public events. If you are looking carefully it's almost sure that you find somewhere a lady, which seem concentrate, stayed with tidyed or crossed leggs, moveing discreetly the one leg from time to time. It's not unusual to hear a whisper of conversation between ladies, where one says to another that she has to piss. Of course, the obviously hold-crotchings are not very popular, but the women have different tactics to hide it. For example, I have noticed few times, that when a woman is desperate for piss, she put her hand in her pocket on her trousers or jacket. In fact, by this way, she is pressing her urethra. Another way to touching herself is with clenched her fist or with the flat of the hand she rubing her belly. Usually she bring a bag or something with other hand which cover the crotch.
    I have a observation, that the mature women are more discreet about theirs needs. I'm not sure if this is regularity, but I've seen many young girls teenagers or in early twenties, which don't feel ashamed to announce that she has to pee than an older women. Besides I have a sensation that the young girls hold it more difficult than older, because I've seen more desperation situations (pee-dances, fidgets, announcements "have to pee") with them. Maybe and because this is very embaressement for a grown woman. I don't know?...but the body functions are common. I think than mature women can hold it more without any sighns of desperation. Because of that it's very turn on to see a woman in her 30's or 40's saying "I have to pee" or dancing around.)
    Many years ago I was in the lift with two of mine female neighbours and theirs children. There was no any sighns of desperation, until one lady said another "Oh...I will wet myself" in front of theirs children and me. Of course, anything didn't happen, but I still remembered these fantastic words!

    Best regards!

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    Default In a parking lot

    A little down the road I spotted a driveway that appeared to lead to a building that was somewhat dark. It was late and most all the places were closed. In the parking lot I headed for a dark area but my GF yelled that I better stop right now or else. Still she wasn't holding herself so I continued to the other side where it was dark and before even at a complete stop she was out the door. Let me back up a bit and add that she had been drinking quite a lot.
    We've been playing some "water" games for several months so I couldn't resist taking her comment of how good her release felt to jump out and visit her down on the ground on her side of the car. Yeah she had to piss allright; she was in the typical squat with her leather pants pulled down to just above her knees and she was bracing herself with one hand on the car and the other was holding the crotch of her panties away from the heavy stream that was pouring out. Eager to help I got down behind her and slid a hand next to hers and managed to relieve her of the burden of pantie holding. Next.... well you got it. I "slipped" and there went her panties right into her water fall. Not sure if she didn't care, or she liked it, or whatever, but she just continued to pee so I cupped my hand over the crotch, then moved around and into them following the flood up to her pee hole where I was able to stop the flood with just a little pressure. When I decided to rub her a bit and moved my finger she started peeing again and so it went for another 20 seconds or so, and it was yet another 20 minutes before I got my pants back on and we left the scene. Since her pants wound up getting peed on, she took them off and hung them around my neck for the drive home.

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    Sitting on one heel: the girlfriend I have called "Cass" on here tucked her leg up under her regularly when sitting, on car journeys, sometimes even at home in a chair. After the taboo had broken - in a way I described here a few weeks ago - she broke down under interrogation:
    "Well alright, yes, I do it when I need a wee"
    She could hold on for hours sometimes, and she would occasionally hold herself when we were alone together, though usually when naked and totally desperate. Once at a meeting when we stayed on to talk with some colleagues at the end she got caught and - very briefly - pressed herself before departing to the bathroom.

    As for the favourite words - I don't agree that the British expression necessarily follows class. "I need a wee" is general currency, but if anything those below 'the line' tend to be more abashed and reluctant to express themselves directly: "I need the toilet" is, I would think, most commonly used. On the contrary, I have heard the word the word "piss" used most frequently among the more educated. A young lady of breeding and degree once graced my front portal with a few pleasantries followed by a very frank: "Do you mind if you use your lav, I'm absolutely screaming for a piss?" Young ladies of breeding and degree always seem very down-to-earth in this respect; I think it must be something to do with their exposure to horses....

    The words do follow character though, don't they? "Wee" is definitely for the quieter and more demure, "Pee" is very much more extravert. A perfectly abominable student I have recently had the misfortune to know uses it like a threat:
    "I must PEE!" as though she wants to squat on someone's face - and no, believe me, if you knew her you wouldn't want that!

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    Default Getting through the first feeling

    I know many women when stimulated get the feeling of needing to pee even if they have just been so it would make sense that if they really needed to go that feeling when you stimulate would intensify the feeling of needing to go. Funny though I will re post a very old post of mine in a that this girl learned that going through that feeling could actually help her wait and then also give her pleasure to boot this is true and I have done thisI still remember a night a long time ago in the late 70s when I went to see a Bond movie with a girl I was going with for a few months . We were staying with her folks and in those days people of about 18 were more like 14 in their freedoms. We were to catch a bus after the movie but the movie was long and missed it so phoned her folks to tell them we were catching the next one so we ducked into a pub where she had a couple of ciders pints I a couple of Lager pints! Finally on the bus we took the back seat few people were on the bus it was dark so not long and we were kissing she exploring me and I was attempting to explore her ! She was not keen, I knew she was not on her period so eventually she did let me gently play outside so to speak I remember the pink psychedelic knickers /panties she had a matching bra they were cotton blend polyester bikinis They were not shiny like nylon but had a bit more texture than plain cotton. She was a short pretty girl lots of wavy hair and busty 38 and matching hips short 5 foot 2. Once she was excited she did let me put my fingers inside ,I can remember the warmth and the tightness /dampness . I remember her bladder must have been full from the cider. It felt like a grapefruit in size and stroking it very gently from inside as she relaxed she liked the intense feeling. All too soon the
    bus reached our stop and we walked home arm in arm and made ourselves look innocent for the parents inspection. Her mother greeted us and went to make tea (England) her father who had been injured badly in the war was in his chair talking to me and I was thinking of the bus ride and how he would not like me knowing what was under his daughter's jeans ! Girl was making conversation to mother and mother was grumbling that she was grumpy!
    We sat down and gf went to the bathroom and was gone a long time, when we went to bed she sneaked into my room .She told me she had to go so badly that it came out incredibly slowly but as it did she had the feelings like she did on the bus ,nice feelings.
    The next time we met she was with her mother shopping and was waiting for me as I was to meet at this tea house , I was late buses again ! She gave me a little peck on the cheek and said "she was dying to pee" and off she slipped to the Ladies .I went to sit with mother who told me that L was frightened I had missed her and was "dying to pee" for a long time. We left mother and took the bus out of the city for a walk and grope in the country I remember again blue panties and matching bra . I took her home then went off to college unfortunately we went our ways. I know she is divorced with teens and her mother is still alive her father died long ago.
    I spoke to her not long ago and we had a great conversation she remembers those wild dates and the surreptitious gropes and snogs ! She still gets feelings when she waits too long for the ladies! since with other willing participants! :-

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    Yellowpants, my wife knows of my fetish and is sometimes embarrassed at 43(an older woman), but she still does the pee dance and sometimes crotch holding and has wet herself fully in the past when she had to go really bad. Once it happened on my carseat. She tries but sometimes cant hold it in and wets herself.

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    My wife has been pee dancing and holding her crotch for years. She says that she doesn't even pay attention until it gets painful. She isn't the slightest bit ashamed to be seen in public, her opinion is that she will go when she has a chance. I've seen her many times wait until it is almost to late, frequently she will leak into her panties and has flooded them, though thats only happened twice that I can remember. She knows of my fetish and will spice it up if I ask her to, but I certainly enjoy watching her when it is just spontaneous. She is a nurse and perhaps that is what makes her so tolerant, the fact that she can't go when she needs to at work.

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    Your comments on Upper class people certainly seem to hold true = by the time you get to the top classes you seem to have turned full circle. I remember the odd-job man for a VERY well-heeled lady (Daddy owned half of Berkshire, or something) telling me that she called him into the bathroom and held a conversation about jobs to do, whilst actually sat on the toilet in full view! Eye contact and everything. Seems she was so used to servants that it didn't even cross her mind that the situation might be unusual!

    And my wife has completely flooded herself on a couple of occasions - from absolutely frantic to totally empty in a matter of seconds, so, although a rare occurrence, it does happen.

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    Default Re: Girlfriend desperate to pee

    I cannot access any picture due to the censor here in saudi arabia...pls could you send pics by email directly to me a bunch

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