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Thread: Girls who wet themselves for laughing too much

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    Default Girls who wet themselves for laughing too much

    Hi everyone!
    I'm Robs, male from Argentina 22 years old and with a turn on abuout female desperation to hold the pee. After this short presentation i want to tell that i had read many messages of this forum and i want to congratulate all the people that shares stories and experiences.
    Well... I want to know stories about girls that wet themselves for being tickled, or for laughing to hard.
    Many thax

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    Default Girls who wet themselves for laughing too much

    There is a great account of tickling on, I think, Thomas' Water Resource Page. It's about a guy and girl who were friends in high school. The girl winds up on the phone at her house and the guy starts tickling her. And she compelely wets herself. It was a very erotic story from what I remember. Does anyone know the one I mean? I'd like to read it again myself.

    Sorry I couldn't be more helpful, Robs.


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    Default Girls who wet themselves for laughing too much

    I have seen people pee from laughing twice.

    When I was 12, my friend and I were doing crafts, and having a sleep-over, and laughing hysterically. I told a joke, and she said she was wetting her pants. She was wearing a nightgown, and it was in her house, so she was not embarrassed. She kept laughing, but was holding herself and bent over to stop. She peed down both her legs and dripped on the floor.

    She said it just flowed out, releasing as she laughed, her bladder completely loosened.
    Then in the Military, in the Girl's Barrick's, it was after School, early on a Friday night, I think. So all the Girl's in house, getting ready to go out for the night, etc... Goofing around, and having fun.

    There were a couple of girl's, from another Trade, living in the Barricks too, that had been a bit of a problem to My Room-mate, and a group of our friends, for a while. I don't remember what it was about, trivial probably, some conflict and arguing, name calling going on, between them, for a couple weeks.

    Anyway, there was about 5 of us, getting ready this evening in My room...And sharing each others stuff, and talking, and listening to music. Then those Girl's came around and made some smart assed remark. My Room-mate, went out, and gave them hell, it was so witty and funny, I was literally rolling on the floor hard it hurt. But, one of our friends completely wet her pants, from laughing. Right in front of those girl's in conflict. She was still peeing uncontrolably, and holding herself to stop. She was laughing but paniced and shocked. Pee was pouring out over her shoes, and she didn't know what to do. She jumped into my closet and closed the door on herself.
    I have never peed from Laughing, or, Tickling. I have from being yelled at and scared though.

    Sher [img]images/smiles/icon_smile.gif[/img]

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    Default Girls who wet themselves for laughing too much

    Oh yes, I thought I would share this with you also.

    My Best Friend, in the Miltary. Although, we have since lost touch...Used to go out with a guy, I am sure had a Pee Fetish. My Husband and I, used to hang out with the Couple all the time.

    Her Boyfriend tried to make us watch Pee Videos. God they were good, I so bad wanted to watch them...I was getting so hot by them. But, because I was in front of other people, had to act like I thought it was grosse too. He was always made to shut them off. He referenced, Peeing, and, Wetting, a few times too. I hadn't really discovered myself, what it was all about, back then, or, would have picked right up on it.

    At any rate. He always tried to tickle My Friend, to make her wet her pants. She would get really-really angry, and yell, and fight him, yelling that she had a weak bladder. He told us, she completely peed her pants once, when he tickled her. One time, She was screaming and pushing him, Steven Stop It! I have to go pee, Stop It!...He taunted her, ..... Is going to Wet Her Pants, she's got that look. She was laying on our new couch, which I didn't care, deep down, I wanted to see her pee too...(Nasty thoughts)...She yelled at him to stop, that if peed on the couch, he was going to have to buy us a new one. To my amazement, I blurted out, "Its alright..." [img]images/smiles/icon_eek.gif[/img] ....Oooop's....

    Steven said, "See she doesn't care..." Then she was wrestling violently with him...And demanding he stop. She's going to pee...She suddenly jammped her hand into her crotch, and he let her up. She went to the bathroom immediately. She didn't wet her pants any that I could see when she came out. But, she probably spurted, I imagine.

    Sher [img]images/smiles/icon_smile.gif[/img]

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    Default Girls who wet themselves for laughing too much

    In college days I worked in a bar to help pay for all those everyday expenses - I enjoyed it, too. You got a slice of a less introspective lifestyle.

    This girl who sometimes shared the shift with me was also a student, though not from my college.
    She was really small, and I used to tease her by finding all kinds of different things to stand on, so she could "see over the bar". Anyhow, whenever I did anything the least amusing, she would double up with laughter, quite frequently with both hands pressed between her thighs, and the phrase: "Don't - if I laugh too hard I might wee myself" featured more than once.

    Well, we'd been on a long shift and a small group of guys had been giving us a hard time all night.
    Trade was fast - Liz (the girl in question) was starting to hop around like she needed a break really badly, and I wouldn't have said no either, but we were just serving solid and they were still three-deep around the bar. The ringleader of this group was getting steadily drunker, and as so often happens with a drunk he hit a comedy vein and came out with a real sarcastic insult for one of the regular girls that was really hilarious. Liz said nothing at first and just turned away from the bar: then she began sobbing with suppressed laughter until her shoulders were shaking and bent over with the tightest crossed pair of legs I ever saw. A piss-pool started forming round her shoe.

    I think she peed for at least ten seconds - trying to regain control, I guess - with visible rivulets of humiliation running down her tights before she regained the presence of mind to just run out the back. She did not reappear, which should have left me with a problem because we were still way too busy, but strangely the episode seemed to kill the trade! The only person who actually said something (and I believe a lot of people saw or caught on to what was happening) was the drunk guy, who murmured "Oh ****! Anybody got a mop?" A group of girls s******ed quietly.

    Liz and I didn't meet on the same shift again for over a week. When we did, she greeted me with a rueful look which seemed to beg me not to mention what had happened.

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    Default Girls who wet themselves for laughing too much

    Hey guys
    Thank u for your replies. There were very nice your stories and I am very glad you answered so quick
    Many kisses


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    Default Girls who wet themselves for laughing too much

    I can sympathise, I've wet my knickers many times laughing too much.It isn't always with too much to drink.Usuallly I regain control, but........wet is wet, it might only be a little, but if you lose control and pee you have wet your knickers! and my knickers have been wet many times. It has happened to me since I was very young and is still happening at 43.

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    Default Girls who wet themselves for laughing too much

    great sstories people
    keep them coming!
    my g/f has wet herself a few times that i know of through laughing so much.
    one time i recall i was making some wise cracks and she was histerical she was gasping "i'm gonna wee, i'm gonna wee, i'm gonna wee, " every time she laughed and eventualy she collapsed to a crouch screaming "I'M GONNA WEE!" of course i made her laugh more until she couldn't speak she was laughing so much. when she could speak the words that left her mouth almost made me come
    "I'VE WEED NOW" she said. she stayed crouched for a while as we talked on about stuff and then she said
    ".... i think i,ve weed" she hitched up her dress slightly and felt the crotch of her knickers and with a tone of shame and defeat looked up and said "YEAH!"
    if anyone else has any stories to tell on this please include what the girls are saying.
    i love to here girls in these situations of mixed emotions, hysterical joy, shock, shame and relief!

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